All hawkers are now officially welcome to sell their wares in Nairobi CBD until the county government builds them markets, said Nairobi Governor Sonko Mbuvi Mike. I understand some of this hawkers travel all the way from Kinangop. Is it a wise idea to give them the go ahead? They will now come in droves from outside Nairobi. Mpaka wa kuchoma mahindi.

Acha wanukishe kitunguu

Hiyo inaleta chaos.

This is bullshit. That crowded space is already too small.

Sonko said most of his voters were hawkers so he can’t betray them. Hawkers are going no where.

Ngoja ile brigade ya kutoka Eastleigh ifike Commercial. Mtatii

The place is already so crowded sasa akipeana permission itakuaje

He should have put conditions for the hawkers. Maybe designate some areas where they are allowed and make them pay some small fee.

Ngojea leo jioni utajionea

:D:Dhii ni noma

Huyu mujamaa wants to please everybody. Sasa town is a disaster onwards. Na hiyo soko inajengwa wapi if i may ask?

Pengine wawekwe pale chini ya globe round about wafinyane hapo.

sad day for Nairobi

Hiyo ishakuwa parking as of now.

The hawkers go to where the customers are. Chini ya daraja hakuna customers

Some of them are muggers

Nairobi goes to the dogs

Watu wa stalls hawana bahati…kwanza clothes wear

I bought papino melon AT 20 BOB it goes for 70 bob. Heh! Wacha wauze!

How can you build a market for hawkers, does he understand what the word hawking mean.