Hello Villagers, I’ve been enjoying your posts from when most of you were in Kenyanlist. You have my source of information on almost anything from technology, TV an Internet. So I say thank you
You have also been my sour of laughter when I’m bored. In fact t time Kenyanlist died I almost got depression…but I scoured the internet till I found this page. Keep u the good work. You are helping many. I’m sure there are many like me who are just silent readers!


that is your mistake my friend…does this mean your life is so boring you have nothing to share, absolutely nothing?, not even an insult or a joke?

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My life is not boring it’s actually very interesting. It’s just the insults that I’ve dreaded being directed at me.

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The insults are almost usually to the deserving…


@qtip how can i join the zulu nation?

Veved…I know that feeling. I was a fence sitter in klost too. Incognito guys are very resourceful. Actually klost went down with very informative threads that I used to refer often. The last one was of Jasusi’s baby steps to becoming a landlord.

and now look at you…all grown up into a village elder



Th kind of information you get here you can never get it anywhere else. People here the skills in every field and ukiongeza experience you get even more information

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Ahsante sana ndugu

if no one insults you, then there is something you are not doing right…thats klists sorry ktalks peculiar way of saying karibu…you are appreciated…:slight_smile:

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Another introvert

@Deorro with Hip Hop in your heart you’re already a member.

Admin promote hii nugu.

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I guess you could say that. But I’ve learnt a lot from your insights in technology

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Guys sit on the fence for 2 months then you will see a thread called Admin, and asking why they are still a new villager.

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Wacha kujitetetea. Ushapost yako ya kwanza,sasa leta ujuzi ulionao na sisi tufaidike. Unakuja kusema you have benefitted from postings and listings tukufanye nini. If continue fence sitting nitaomba admin aking’oe. Kwani?

Congrats for having the guts to say something publicly…

You guys don’t know how rough i had it on klist when i was starting out. To male it worse i joined during the campaign period. The insults did not make me give up.

hiyo fence ni kayapo?


My entry on Klist na siringi was an Instant killa…Governor My Nigga…my nigga

welcome brother.

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