:D:Dsetting up a multi-million business kenya bila kulipa mama ngina… this company has potential though, they should move manufacture tuseme rwanda

Why engage in bullshit, low-IQ, imbecilic allegations? Mama Ngina anakujia wapi? Ndiyo mimi husema watu wengine na nugu hakuna tofauti…

You mean subsaharans?

kijiji yenyu takataka haina content umerudi kama umekunja mkia ku camp hapa for the last one week, yet you left ukitusi kila mtu ati hutawai rudi.

Why didn’t they pay their tax. Everybody else pays or makes payment plans with the KRA.

End that bigoted cunt

The biggest problem Mobius has is that nyeuthi would rather buy even second hand imported cars rather then NEW locally manufactured.

They had thought that nyeuthi will patriotically go for local manufactured cars…

Rudi senate mzee bana.

Nimeshindwa pia amerudi kufanya nini huku. I guess that shit hole juu imejaa mature people only imekuwa boring ama content imepungua.

Möbius problem is lack of financing . they can’t produce the vehicles in the first place. Try asking for Möbius 2

shida ni costs, you can get a fully loaded , powerful second hand car at the same cost of a new Møbius, blame the government policies and taxes. hata kama ni wewe with 1.5m , or 2m what would you take? a cx5 or that one?

Mobius already sold ou their 300 units . The problem is that they didn’t have the money to manufucture due to financing problems. They just built their factory the other day. I was ready to make an order until i realized that the cars are not even being produced. 1.5 Million is a good dela for the car, especially for us who want vehicles that are easy to work on. Many morden vehicles have been designed to be worked on only by dealers and mechanics with expensive equipment.

Mkoloni land rover has had enough. The joke has run it’s cause. Puppet amepigiwa simu.

Why can’t the govt buy mobius to promote them

Or give them a tax incentive