Hawa Hukula Kuni


Mali ya @Father Lingwangwa

Nuns ni malaya, tembea maristope angalia majority ya watu wanatoa mimba Ni kina nani

mboga ya mapadre

[SIZE=6]respect nuns and priests of the mighty catholic church… [/SIZE][SIZE=4]emporer constantine really did his homework…[/SIZE]


Now wonder they’re not allowed to conduct mass

Vindu smart

Huyo ako kwa passenger seat can take.my mutombo dikembe any day.

What car is that?

Mbaya sana si wezi mind kwanza combi

tule tu suzuki twao.

Yet to meet a bangable nun. The ones I come across creep me out.

syindu sya mutongoi @Father

let the ladies have fun.

na sonko atafute kazi apunguze umama

Our kamba nuns.
Ladies from certain communities should not be allowed to be nuns.

Mkuu where can I get a link to this Constantine vibe

Kabisa! Ua hiyo nyoka!


Wacha wajimbabe some are not so lucky. Some get repeatedly raped by priest in charge and converted into wives unwillingly. Yet they can do nothing, so many cases and still pope would like the matter to be solved within the church. You can imagine having given 10 to 15 of your years to a course only to be given two choices comply or leave. You decide to leave… and go where? You have nothing out there. Deceit and despair. Welcome to the world of fellowiship, every year you spend you become weak, venulrable and utimately a slave of the deceit. Big titles, clean clothes, beautiful well fed body, well articulated speeches but a hollow heart full of bitterness