hawa degree holders wamezidi bana

every week we have two such cases. and to make it worse, this one wants to add a masters. Ile ujinga iko Kenya tuu. kwa sahiii degree si ya maana.


First learner? Huyo already amepoteza opposhunete ya ku-allocatiwa 90 bob from my 9k salo bursary fund.

An A student writes…" I am a first learner"

wengine ndio hawa.
saizi nikiona mtu anasema huna degree natusi yeye kumanyoko. Musiseme i never warned you

[SIZE=7]The frustrations of Kenya’s jobless doctors[/SIZE]
A sombre, six-sentence paragraph was the final communication that Dr Fred Muoki penned before he died.
It was not a will, but a suicide note addressed to his sister. He was sorry that the pressures of life had knocked him down.
He was a rising star that many expected to shine bright; a hardworking young man whose hopes for a better life were dimmed by a society and government that neglected him, and many like him.

“I’m sorry sister. I have a lot of pressure. Debts and loans from my friends. I am sorry to disappoint you. I don’t have money in my account so don’t bother checking. I am deeply sorry sister,” he signed off, before taking his own life.
Muoki is said to have struggled for months to get a job after graduating from medical school, but all attempts hit a snag.
A dark cloud hung over him. The pressure from society sent him to the pits, where he had no strength left to fight.
He needed to provide for his loved ones, but with what income? He needed to live his dream of restoring people’s lives, but who was to give him that chance? He needed to earn his doctor title, but it remained just a name, his skills underutilised.
Muoki, unfortunately, is just one among an increasing number of Kenyan doctors who are taking the dark route to the abyss, after seeing their hopes for saving lives, and a rewarding career, dashed.

Mkamba mjinga illiterate class 2 dropout mtoto wa Malaya @PHARMACY ni kama ndio alimuandikia

Ati Gashagua has a kind heart?

Stop mentioning me Mimi si babako ama wenu .mtu mzee Kama wewe cheza na watu rika yako . stupid

Hapa siongei. It always starts from close contacts

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D ume caught feelings mkamba mjinga illiterate.

Kila siku the people who stole KCSE exam wanajitokeza. Huyo siwezi patia kazi she will use my resources kutafuta Kazi. She will not be content.

And confuses graduate with postgraduate studies. :smiley:

niaje Pinnacle Omollo

Mtu wa A plain hana kazi from 2018 hadi saa hii?
Enyewe masomo ni overated hii Kenya.

Degree sii ya kutafuta kazi, I will not tire telling you. Any degree holder unasikia anatafuta kazi jua tuu degree yake ni ghushi. Degree yake ingekuwa ni halaal angejua it is time ajaribu long distance running ama kale farming. Umbwa yeye na A- na first class yake.

:D:D:Dkizungu ilikuja na meli…but i also find such mistakes ridiculous especially ukifika miaka ingine


In December nili attend my siz graduation at KU. That day kulikuwa na over 3000 graduates. Alot of them with 1st class honors. Got me thinking about how many will tarmac after that day…watu wamesoma huku nje bana…na hakuna makazi bana.

Degrees are like noses nowadays. Everyone has one.

Hio ni uongo. Watu sii wajinga bwana. Kuna wasee wengi sana led by @Heke wenye hawana degrees.

Si mimi huwaambia DEGREE ZA SIKU HIZI NI TOILET PAPER. She is not alone.

Many Degree holders don’t know when too use the following words