Having a hell of day

10 items on my to-do list and and shit i’m not even through with the 3rd yet!

Is being a dolt on your list?


Weka mbisha…Otherwise our to-do list itakuwa kukunominate kwa HOYA.

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you have 10hours 58minutes remaining

You think too much of yourself perhaps even imagining yourself as the taj mahal of smart, correct and rational thinking…you are quick to label others dolts … which is stupid in a special way dont you think so?



or special in a stupid way!

@Hunter Xp- with work to do what are you doing here?

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Whichever way serves him right.


And the guy is still idling around here…

Maybe this is part of his to-do list.

4th on your list>>>tickle ur butthole with a feather



Atheismo can also picture you with your feeble mind, stooped, and of very ugly and forbidding exterior. The worst sort of dolt, don’t you think?

Are you trying to compensate a low self esteem?

Watching from a distance

Hiyo kisungu yote imetumiwa hapo juu, for the sake of matusi. Like @kyuktothecore said, what is this? tanzaniatalk?

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