Have you witnessed a family member or friend pass on?

What was the experience like? Did they seem sad, scared, confused, or at peace? Was there a sense of this is the end or was it more like a transition? Come share your experiences.


It is not easy for africans to discuss death…esp of close ppl

Africans die alone like legends

I have heard from those who have experienced that:

they were sent to bring something like water only to find them gone.

Or they were talking,he/she seemed to be listening,but the silence become unusual only to realise they might be dead.

Sometimes it’s just like a normal rest/sleep only you realise later they died.

The actual moment of dying seems elusive if it’s like above scenarios(you might need a second opinion or doctor confirmation that the person is actually dead),in ICU situations you can tell from the instruments and devices behaviour,so venye @cortedivoire anasema hapo juu

Animals know death too. I’ve witnessed sadness of a hen or a dog when it’s young dies. Dogs are especially emotional.

My dad. Alinituma maji ya kunywa… Nikirudi na glass ya maji alikua amevuka. I’ll never forget the day and the feeling. At 13yrs, it was very painful. I was angry mad at him more than sorry that he’d left. “Anaeza aje ni enjoy hivyo?” Was the question ringing in my head for weeks.

Pole. The pain is incredible.
The question mimi hujiuliza ni, are they genuinely thirsty or it’s a trick learnt over similar incidents? Because hii story ya kuitisha maji nimeisikia kwingi sana.
I always said nikiitishwa maji sitaenda. Too bad circumstances were different.

I guess we will never know!

my dad sat down… siped uji and sat back. you feel it when the body goes limp if close enough, cant explain

They see the angel of death when it’s about time… They won’t speak of it’s presence, and if you are near they probably don’t want you to see them taken. So hua unafukuzwa tu polite. When you are near death (end of life but with enough sense not to trouble others with visions of supernatural beings) and at the beginning of life as small babies and toddlers (when you probably cannot fathom what it is that you can see as supernatural beings nor articulate it) presence of angels abound. Na wengi just shut down in their sleep peacefully.