Have You Watched This Video???

The kid in this video… My God!! What would you do to him? How does a parent let his kid speak the way this boy boy does?? I’d fcuk up this boy 57 ways till December. This boy has been exposed to this form of language and no one has spent time pruning it. What happened to good old parenting? I’m 100% sure this boy lacks a father figure.

[SIZE=4]good geesus @Ka-Buda[/SIZE] over to you. huko ni kwenu

What??? I would kill that boy!! Disrespect would be an understatement…

he should spend the night at the cop-shop. ama city morgue for 6 hrs.
so he gets his settings back

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Hapa ni UK…Mom is from Africa bt kid was born in the UK…huyo mama akijaribu kupiga huyo mtoi and he reports…she may end up being deported.@Kabuda nimesema ukweli ama apana?

Thats parenting for you. Verdict, Catholic school pap!

the parents if they are kenyan should be gunned down

Sadly that’s what happens when you raise your kid in western countries. Ukimchapa, you are charged with child abuse and worse still hutakubaliwa kuona mjunior wako till afike 18.

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Tht the reason i luv our African way…

Hehehe…for lack of a better word.

Gai mwathani, huyo nakalia kwa hiyo couch and I make sure nimefart kwa kichwake

Woooi mwathani…uyu ingikiuraga. Arera nyina na tatawe ati fakini fakini. Ingimufakini acoke nyee ini ciakwa kuria oimire…God help me,kama sitaua,nitampeana kwa serikali roho safi.
Lakini kunakuwanga na shida,if you happen on such a bugger,the same mother will come to his defence which beats all logic…

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Whaaaaat. I would fucking castrate this moron.

Lawd , Lawd…Please Forgive my thoughts on what i can do to this ***********…I didn’t call him anything but just tighten the Loose screw in his Congosity…

Alafu the same authority akifika 18 na alete umang’aa wanampiga risasi na kumuua.

Samaki mkunje angali mbichi. That kid was not born yapping all that shit…Its just that he has been doing it without repercussions and it became the norm. The parents or guardians should take blame for brining up a kid who is a “fuck” dispenser.

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Deportation, or no deportation, I would whoop his butt


in the midst of his juvenile tirade I hear him call them …bitch,cunt…and the women just laugh it out…In this kind of situation naanza kudiscipline hao wamama kwanza, halafu namalizia boy, na sidhani atapona.

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Kill them before they grow.Hii kipii inaweza jua matumbo si nyama nakwambia.Eti Bitch.huyu anafaa kufungiwa kwa mti na alale nje.
wallahi angekukuwa ni mother angu tungezika.