Have You Seen this Utter Garbage From Safaricom?

New Rules Effective 1st March

[li]New connection fee of Ksh3000 applied (6500 bob if you relocate without your router).[/li][li]You no longer have unlimited internet[/li][li]Bronze users who surpass 500GB per month will see their speeds reduce to 1Mbps[/li][li]Other subscribers will have speeds reduced to 3Mbps if they exceed 1TB of data[/li][/ol]
Basically, Safaricom FTTH has become bundles. Imagine paying 5k ($45) for 3Mbps after downloading 4 games, and you still have Netflix subscription and torrents to download :D:D. The new rules are here.

In my opinion, Platinum users deserve at least 5TB FUP, while others can make do with 3TB. One terabyte for Ksh12,000 ($110) is an insult TBH. Safaricom acts like Kenyans are dumb


Ngoja usikie ukiitwa peasant sasa hivi!

:D:D:D I’d rather be a peasant in this case

In that case, lemme just continue using bundles. Airtel has been serving me extremely well with 75GB for 1000 bob every month. For movies, Telkom comes in handy with 5GB @50 bob.

They are good, but they need also to upgrade their network.

Telkom homeplan msee.



You pay for WiFi alafu mtu anakupimia kama dawa.

Hahahah…shit company

New CEO ni shiney eye,what do you expecti

I told people something like this would happen back when the deal was sweet. Safaricom exist to create wealth for shareholders not users.

Safcon wamecheki Kama wamesifiwa Sana or wako wapoa Sana ndio wameanza umeffi.people will switch to other providers ndio waache umeffi.

Mara ngapi tutasema safaricon ni ya mpesa Tu.

This is some real bullshit from safaricom!!! Planning ahead…how is zuku doing lately?

First, they force people to not subscribe to 8Mbps (I’m certain 500 GB and 1Mbps after limit will never be enough for most people) and then they limit costlier options to mere 1TB.

That means effectively you cannot be a heavy Internet user outside Nairobi. It’s only in Nairobi, that you can get an ISP without stupid policies.

Safaricom has done the math and they know who they are forcing out. They know who doesn’t have a choice and will have to upgrade. They also know who they will be happy to see walk away.

The greatest ripoff is for those at the platinum bundle. Those have to find another ISP

Those at premium have been fucked very hard in the ass. How can you pay 12k for internet and the Fair Usage Limit is a mere 1TB only?? How now??

anyone with a family subscribed to the bronze package lazima atalia, kwanza shule zikifungwa kids will blast thruogh that 500GB within days

Hakuna chinaman anaona business opportunity!?