Have You Realised That...

The most beautiful women (blondies/supuus/cutiez/vipusa) are brainless and danderheadz no offense meant
While most of the ‘not-so-cute’… or bluntly put, ugly (on’guras/shapeless) happen to be brainy, witty & sharp.

Ma-dame musinitukane plse :slight_smile:

how old are you? 7?

… +21 to be more precise.

Kama huyu anakaa kuwa na brains ka zote eh?[ATTACH=full]100815[/ATTACH]



Also known as “a gorgeous blonde/supuu but with no brains”.

Poor woman. Someone attached an amputated arm to her chest:(


Affirmative on that.


Plse wasupa msione ati tunawaenjoy hapa… we are just trying to indulge ourselves in the argument with hope of coming to some logic pertaining to the same. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Two things…

  1. Define “brains”
  2. Define ugly

Apparently, the internet regards this as the GAAP ‘scale of hotness’.


@Black Hats
Add the option “No intention to marry”


It’s all the work of creation… I am sure their skeletons are more or less similar…

Hypothesis does not hold water. I know several average or highly intelligent supuus. And significantly not-intelligent ones from the other side of the beauty scale