Have you ever turned down poosie?

Yes or no? And if yes, what were the circumstances in which you turned it down?

Gay question, Africans problem

Yes…so many. If a woman plays hard to get, i play my game until a time comes she wants my mjulus and promises me a puthy date, then naMalaysia without a word but mtaani utakuwa unaniona :D:D:D:D

Supreme Theta Male @blueline kuja jibu swali.

ndio unamaliza kumwaga oil?

Kesho natuma wasee wa Health Dago.
Ng’ombe ii.

hao ni kanusu ya maini tu na wako sorted.

KSPCA bas.
Waone rabid dog ikichoma mutura.

  • a few times I was too sleepy (ngamia anakuamsha Sunday 5:30 na alikataa kutombana usiku)
  • a few times twas mindgames tuu…ajue yeye sio controller in chief. (kwanza she called a few minutes later and asked why dont you want to come nikasema im busy doing something …made sure I put the volume of my computer loud asikie nikicheza Call of Duty)

Shait! am out of here!

She was an unattractive workmate.

Alpha male detected

There was a time I met a beautiful woman with very smelly pussy. Turned her down.

Another time I was very drunk, so I kissed an ugly woman but after I became sober, I couldn’t proceed to fuck her.

Ha ha ha you can’t turn down what you haven’t been given

how long does it take you to switch from drunk to sober?

I kissed her randomly at a drinking joint, took her number and we planned to meet up the next day so I can finish what I started. Then the next day, it hit me that she was below my standards. Those dark lights in the club and alcohol can confuse any man.


What if you kissed a whore??

nguruwe ii sasa ulininyima injin ya nini? sasa my butiful Raja iliibiwa ivo

Every man over 25 years has kissed at least one whore in his lifetime. Your girlfriend could be an undercover whore giving sponsors blowjobs behind your back but you wouldn’t know.