Have you ever been a slave to love?

I believe once in every man’s or woman’s life this situation will naturally come up. Yaani you just can’t say no to anything from the mbitch. The only ways to effectively recover from this is 7 years of intense spiritual, emotional and physical recovery. Just Mad philosophy things :D:D

No cocaine no @Alchemist!

There are several threads on the topic, people have done stupid things for love/slices.

@Davidee aliachwa na kunguru akakuja akalia sanaa hapa kwa kijiji .

@Ice_Cube atupe link

Ukichengwa unatii

I have been, I must confess. My 1st love! I have written about him here many times. He used me. I made all the effort for him to join me hia. He did and more. Got to ‘know’ so many of my then girlfriends. When I finally learnt the truth, I cried River Nyando infront of my visiting parents. The story is here somewhere. Afters, my Bro-inLaw in Kenya paid for me to fly back home.

My Mum cried when she saw me at JKIA. All bones. She slept with me the entire time. So from there sitakangi mambo mingi.

:eek::eek: hao girlfriends usiseme walinyemelea ur Boyfie:(

@timo…they did. Some Malayas from Bano/Rosslyn juu we knew each other from our hang outs. Mazee the day I learnt what was happening behind my back? Nilikufa…they are not the ones I talk about hia.

Hawakunyemelea, they shagged. It was a long wait for me at the Hospital to be tested for STDs. Find the story I wrote a long time ago.

its true, lazima mtu ukamuliwe sana na huoni juu ya love, mpaka that thin veil in yr head ipasuke ndiyo una sema what was that? mbona nilikua meffi hivi?

Oh my!! Thats like my worst fear. My first love too broke his friendship with his best friend…he started sleeping with his ‘girlfriend’ behind my back…so i was like if he can break urafiki wake na best friend wake…si soon enough ataanza kukatia marafiki zangu. I just counted my loses, and left. Its been three days now.:D:D

Na huyo si alilia saana…hadi akasema atanunua gari

Si kwa ubaya lakini hizi story zako huwa half baked

alinunua gari

@Ice-cube oka wira

3days:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dngonja tuu. It is betrayal and back stabbing of the highest degree and you have to go through a bereavement kind of thing. Good umejiremove mapema. Warning signs were there in my case but I missed them all due to naivety and being too trusting. End result is I will never give a man or a human bieng 100 percent. That is reserved for God!:frowning:

Usijali Black, worry not ni vile sijui kuhekaya. If you have not lived, you cannot relate. Your choice to believe me or not. Don’t know what I stand to gain from concorting a story. This is a well known story hia with lots of added salt by ‘gossipers’. He broke my heart to tiny smitherens and it took me forever to recover from what I now know is DEPRESSION.
These experiences are not just movie tales. Shit happens to peasants like me. Just why would my bro in law pay for me to go back home? they were worried about my mental stability. I spend thousands on phone cards 24/7 and asking them why! because some of those girls eeer wacha I stop right hia. Wee enda mall.:slight_smile:

For me am very good and giving and loving but wacha unikosee utajua Iblis ni Mwanamke. I will teach you a lesson you will never forget. Its like the more into you I am,the less disappointments I can bear from you. Other people even family can do the same wrong and I wont be infuriated but not you who Ive put on a pedestal. Im not those women who the more you mistreat them the more they love you, I was very ruthless! I remember one time a guy I was dating cancelled a date last minute ati family emergency! I just called up another guy n we went to the same place. After that we passed by some coffee shop, that guy was there with some other guy, I just walked past him and my date with the other guy went on. The guy started a fight and I just waltzed out n left them there fighting. I grew up figgting male bullies at school and the estate so I see men as inhumane so I never handle them with kid gloves,I always try to prove that if you thought you’re capable of being bad bcz you’re a man ,Im capable of much worse! I wont let you abuse me bcz am female! Am hypervigilant about that bcz there’s nothing I hate more than feeling like a victim especially a victim bcz of ‘love’!

Ive been in love one time ,he was pretty decent and after the person died, Ile uchungu niliskia, I was on the floor crying for 3 days,I could not eat,sleep, even sedatives couldn’t calm me down, I was sure I would lose my mind.I was crying at the drop of a hat anywea Id snap at people, nikasema am not going thru this hell again. So I no longer fell in love after that. I found it too dangerous and not worth the risk.

You see what hurts isn’t what the person did. It is the expectations you have of them, when you’re not madly in love with someone wen they wrong you its not as painful. You can roll with the punches. You have no illusions about what humanbeings especially men are capable of.

This disease of being madly in love afflicts even very hardcore type men. I had a male friend who was so tough and bad boy but wen the woman he was in luv with broke his heart,he’d call me crying, and cry properly on phone for like half an hour. This a man who is a womanizer,smoker,drinker, drugs name it! A bad boy, we grew up together n he was always in fights so unashindwa a guy like this can cry bcz of a woman? Well he had a good side thts why we’ve bin friends for so long. But y lie nilijua love is poison wen I saw what it did to that dude. I was beyond shocked.

So lets say you dont love your hubby??:eek:

Huenda huyo bwana is just virtual