have u ever wondered why a sitting president cannot chop Mps salo?

Mtu kama uhunye ni mtu wa watu he can deduct sitting MPs salary but he cannot simply because the MPs (Both CORD and JAP) will join hands and Impeach him. Ndio sazingine mimi usema Kenya needs a dictator like RAO …aki

Meanwhile angalia vile peer pressure ufanya wanaume


The president does not decide how much MPs get paid. Infact the president has no control over his salary. The constitution created the Salaries &Remuneration Commission to handle those issues.

THE VIRUS…kama ni ule ule THE VIRUS wa KLIST jua mm kama jerry sijawai kutambua…ww kwangu ni kama chokosh…takataka…sufferah hivi…feel me

…and the last remaining neuron is dead.

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…huyo amekaliwa chapati

Well said boss…but do u know that the DP intervened when the MPs went “rogue” just after their elections and they got their increment?

there are constitutional bodies mandated to set and regularly review all salaries and remuneration to all public and state officers.

I miss the GMN with Hivi hivi swag… i smelled sewage everytime you called someone a sewage rat.

There are constitutional bodies and independent commisions everywhere, but willful political mobilisation by the president will get almost anything done whether or not it is within the law.