Haunting dream

Jana i had this weird dream that is still haunting me. ln the dream i was in ocha in my parent’s house, the place looked deserted and as i was walking around i saw a mirror and when i looked at my reflection i saw a demon like version of me smilling back at me his eyes were completely black and he looked like a younger version of me, i tried to run but i felt paralysed, i tried to scream but i was unable to, then bahati nzuri i woke up. That dream was so vivid that it felt so real and very terrifying at the same time.

Is something stressing you up. . for me just pray n everythin is alright

Sina stress but that dream really spooked me, but it must have some sort of meaning.

Just live your life kama kawa. U might waste lots of time searching to meaning to a dream which is normal occurrence n miss the good things in life

That sort of explains your avatar, I guess

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Did u knw there is no scientific proof tht can xplain the source of a dream aka REM Cycle (Random eye movement)
They say its environmental related
Also did u knw au brain is active just like as if ur awake

Scary dreams for an adult zinakuwanga juu ya depression/anxiety/fear, which are all stress. its not a scientific thing but empirical evidence indicate so. Thought processing is a vague concept to scientist. Examine yourself. Stress is not easily recognisable by the victim without deep honest self examination. Other than that, dreams za adults zinakuwanga hilarious meaningless escapades. The other day I dreamt that I had my house emptied by thieves and the only things I could find were just useless rags. I cried very much in the dream and woke up to find that its broad daylight, am not crying at all, and everything is there. In reality I wouldnt cry because I had my household stuff stolen though I would go crazy. I had wanted to move to another place but insecurity there was worrying me all time. I shelfed that idea.

madam anakuroga

you dream what you wish…and i guess you had your avatar before your dream…

Usiende ocha! and stay away from mirrors!


patia shetani sacrifice it seems you are a devil worshipper

Have you ever seen a demon…if no how did you know the reflection was that of a demon?Punguza fiction

From what I know most dreams are a recap or continuation of what was on your mind before you went to bed. Say like during the day you saw a very beautiful momo and just imagined if only she was your woman, trust me at night its very likely you will dream of having taken her to bed. The worst part is when you are just about kurarua hizo vitu then you suddenly wake up and you are like damn, why now. A good example is like when I got some very good advice from fellow villagers here on how to stop kawasaking, that very night I dreamt niwechana nayo, kuamka asubuhi the first thing was kutafuta my tools of trade.


Tools of trade ni arimis


What horror movie had you watched before sleeping?

Umeabukizwa mademoni msee. Tafuta mganga haraka.

Aihh hii ndoto yako itanifanya nisilale…scary wacha mawazo ya ki saitan

Hehehe…u r crazy

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Maombi muhimu…be prayful

all these things have meanings…my bro one dqy called me and told me that he dreamt i had fallen from the 5th floor of a building.coincidentally at the time was staying at 5th floor…1st thing i did was to move out n just pray alot