Hatter chronicles

Help me find THE VALUE OF X…

Condoms… Yeah I’ve heard that contraception bullshit, yet there is the option of abstinence but few of us even see that as an option. The rubber comes scented in sweet flower scents that scientifically arouse things within us and when it gets rough and the rubber cant hold, you too cant seem to hold it in as those 15seconds of Ecstasy have clouded your judgement and you… Release… X

Money love… young girls, pretty,… thin with a FAT ass, light skin, synthetic hair and designer handbags, walk the 5 stars holding hands with wrinkled, grey haired men with bank accounts to maintain a lifestyle fueled by plastic money, a vicious cycle that if broken faces will drop, hair loss, fame and Facebook like will be no more… So keep selling vanity for you care too much about getting your next money fix for show…X

Facebook, twitter insta… too many to be named, yet we all find time to update on every little happening. New car, at a new restaurant with a new man and inlove or just at the parking and spotted a crysler and had to take a selfie just so you know we aint on the same level or you’re more with it than the rest of us average folk… did I mention you were online all day waiting for likes on your post?.. X

This could go on and on but the truth is I cannot begin to figure out what the FX is it with you, or what your X did that messed your X up so now you are Xed up with no X to X about coz you ran out of x’s and no X is listening or caring about your next X in life, So its up to you to make an X of your life… Here’s how… CAPS ON,BOLD and UNDERLINE coz only you can claim what X you have made of your X in Life…

X- ing out

Wee tafuta uji ukunywe


Wonderful work lets name it Digital Love.


Vile @Dunya amesema

@Davidee cool

nirealize dawa ya homa ni uncooked eggs, ukimix na grants keshoyake homa ishapotelea bomet

I can’t find a reason as to why am still single in my late twenties

me too n dats life

New fresher alert

Vile @gashwin amenena

freshers are always new na wewe! ama ni ku-emphasize?

Zii… Kumake my point strong

:D:D:D watu wa bomet hawatanbui homa???