Hats Off to @mouraythee....

And other NASA members who have accepted and moved on. Kenya ni moja. On the other hand their is @muchunu, who seems to be losing it.
He thinks the world is coming to an end. My advice to him, sh!t happens.


Its Not over untill its over. Moveon is NOT an option. We have the means and the way


Go for it.

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i accepted and moved on.

I dont know whether to accept or just move on.

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vile nimesema hapo juu

when did maorathey accept? last i checked he was still in the sky searching for rigging effidens

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Atleast, he has tonned it down.

i decided to ignore (not block) @muchunu the moment i realized his problems are deeply ‘seated’ in his brain. He is not a bad man but he requires help.

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Lets meet on the streets! I will NOT ignore you


muchundu ni bure kabisa. Head stuck in soros’ orifice

Ati ametulia? Hakuna kitu kama hio. Yeye ni Ndii mwenyewe

His brother Ndii is going for nothing less than secesion. Bad thing he comes from Limuru. I wonder which state he will move to after we become two states?

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Hats off for silencing someone I know alikuwa na kimbelembele sana hadi akanyamaza kapsaaaa

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You going to get stoned man so join me

Is this addressed to me or to Lt. Gen. @muchunu


I’m awaiting the Supreme Court to run its cause. I have not accepted and moved on.