hata na dawa........

cord wanapenda kupayuka mpaka wanakauka idea…but truth be told an opposition party of any independent and a democratic country contributes a lot in performance of a given government,to see the naked truth,you need to visit Kenyan history between 2002 and 2005 when opposition party was weak and 2007 to 2013 when there was no opposition,the two eras were crowded with mega corruption cases and very little was done by the government of the day…but a view of 2005 to 2007 shows a different side,by then opposition side led by Rao kept kibaki’s government on its toes,and if my memory is good,disclosure of mega scandals were revealed to an extent that githongo ran away from kenya

what am i saying???.. am pleading with cord,kama mnapenda hii nchi,pliz avoid making kalonzo your flag bearer ,i know cord will be tempted to make kalonzo their flag bearer in 2017 or later in 2022,i want to caution cord that such a move will result in cord losing in general elections and the government of the day led by president Uhuru and president Sonko in 2022 will not have any push to work for kenyans or be accountable.

i preffer cord to look for a strong candidate possibly masai or better to pick Gideon moi.



President Sonko in 2022? Kai wina ngoma!!!


Team Weta.

2207??Na si hii pombe ulianza mapema.

I wish Mukhisa had played his pilitics right. huyo mBukusu mi natambua: pride and performance

kafunda shoma ni mbaya sana

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Heri Ababu Namwamba or Marende, hii Weta Ni bure kabisa. He has no sense of style, he lacks charisma and is obviously not smart enough to be President.

Weta seriously lacks the umphf

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wacha hizo…funda ni nyama kama ingine

weta ni afadhali,…

Wonderful wonder aki side hustle… [ATTACH=full]8393[/ATTACH]


Ta imajini…never ever

kituyi was good but quite

And yes …very very intelligent n collected…

quite what?

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Haya ni mapepo! Punda

Sonko in 2022 men you are a joker

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Purr kwani you are Bukusu or got hitched to ekamsweu? Doing well with language assimilation then.

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Kenya will be like Colombia

Hpo bwuana umeongeeko. That guy I tambua him also but i cant understand why his own backyard rejected him That guy is good!!Oh well, in another lifetime maybe