Hata magoverner ni mafisi!

A popular Governor from Central
Province has become the subject
of discussion in his County after
he was slapped by a senior staff
member in his office for having
s3x with his wife.
The flashy Governor, who has in
the past been involved in several
illict affairs with young University
ladies, was slapped during a
meeting at the County.
The enraged husband stormed
the meeting and went ahead to
slap the randy Governor as his
security team tried to shove him
He claims that his wife has been
accompanying the Governor in
most foreign trips yet she is a
very junior staff.
They take time to exchange fluids
during the foreign trips and this
is well known in the County
The man now fears for his life
since the randy Governor has
been sending him death threats
and has promised to wipe him
out before the year ends.

Hehe, that means he has less than two weeks to do this…

wanaume wacheni aibu ndogo ndogo…