#HasPritilandedyet - KQ gets free good publicity in all T.V stations


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KQ will soar again to beat all doomsayers and achieve its lost glory.

I’ve bought $100K worth of KQ shares this afternoon

Not bad at all. Viva KQ!

But…how will we deal with those rogue Executives. I’m a rookie in Finance but those guys were milking KQ dry with impunity.
How come no one is in jail ?

These next five years @spear should also bring corruption cases on the forefront not just infrastructure development.

Ni hayo tu.

Hekaya yote munene

Uncle Ruto will buy KQ soon.

I’m also not happy about that finance manager who has been reinstated and given 100million as compensation. that’s some BS

That’s our courts for you. That said KQ wasn’t brought to its knees by one person. Let’s start with the board including KLM/Air France nominated directors, management, Standard Bank executives here and London Hq and lastly Kimunya as Minister of Transport.


So Priti Patel was recalled kama loan ya Moi? Secretly meeting Israelis sijui about what.

Meanwhile, kq shines.

If you look at the paradise papers Sally Kosgei has a house in the most expensive area in London. Close to Harrods for crying out loud.
Within 5 years someone should burn at the stake.

She was on holiday in Israel but met Israeli government officials on official matters without clearance from no. 10. She didn’t even inform high commission officials there on the meetings so that they could organize protocol. Lastly she traveled to Golan heights to view Israeli installations there despite it being a disputed area with Syria sparking a diplomatic crisis.


Arent you guys fixing the courts though ?

It’s funny how Israel nyakuad that land. It’s very strategic for war purposes. Right on the hill and you have a view of virtually the world planet.

The entire Embrear fleet was bought using Standard Chartered loan. Their executives at HQ, board, ministry and management approved it. A company in Cayman island was formed and funded. The same company bought the planes through a Portuguese company. Naikuni was there in Paris airshow to announce the purchase with Embrear executives. One word (wanjigi). Even Greenfield project was his until it was cancelled.

Itumbi , ungeambia BBC wawekee picha ya NAKUMATT pia iamke .


Following closely for small scale shares

The house is worth more than kes 100 million. UK properties are overpriced just like ours.

It will take a lot of hardword and painful decision for KQ to soar again. If it’s employees double up as drug traffickers, you can imagine the kind of shenanigan that goes on in top level management.

I bet a lot of UK travellers have had KQ subconsciously implanted in their minds as their African airline of choice. Kwanza its that majestic KQ Dreamliner pictures. Their break has just arrived and good tidings will follow. Even UK ministers use them over her Majesty’s british airways.