Hasla removes visa requirement for all Africans coming to Kenya - amesema kila mtu akuje

Huyu wazimu no one takes him seriously. Kazi ni verbal diarrhoea nonstop.


These few items will be in high demand in Kenya in the near future. Nabii atatumaliza.



Sioni shida hapo ata sisi tutaenda huko visa free

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It’s should have happened a long time ago. Ukiwa African in Africa tembea vile unataka.


The problem is, hao hawatutaki…

Is it being reciprocated tho?

Hii angepeleka AU ipitishwe so that it affects kila inchi Afrika. These solo moves will only benefits our bradas from the West


Ni pesa anatafta,the Europeans are scratching their heads on how to contain immigrations.

There will probably be immigrants getting employed in the informal sector illegally and cheaply and who knows…Kenyans might turn xenophobic, especially now that life is getting harder…

This is a step in the right direction. Lakini Kuna Kitui @MachoMan amesema hapo juu

Nigerians will flock here in truckloads. Lanye lovers expect the cost of getting laid to tripple. Soon mtakuwa mna wank tu :green_emoji:

Hapana. Not necessarily