Has this ever happened to you.?

Yesterday, I had one of those moments that leave you red faced with embarrassment. I had arranged to meet with a client and show him photos of some equipment he had requested I source for him. I innocently flip open my phone and go to the gallery to show him the photos. All this time, we are standing side by side and am holding the phone up. A few days back I had downloaded some porn clips and forgot to delete them. I open the gallery home page and jeez, on the split screen are three porn clips with couples banging like crazy. I hurriedly turn the phone away as I frantically try to locate the photos I wanted him to see. Well, let me say the session didn’t go exactly as I expected and it was a client who has very high regard of me.

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Separate your deeds from your work. I use my tablet for client presentations, needless to say it is porn free since I bought it, as for the phone ata saa hii kuna kagwati kanadownload…


No this has never happened…but there’s a guy who akilewa he could send love txts kwa watsupp…he sent me a clip on
certain day at night, and the phone was with my young nephew…Thank God I got to the message n deleted it

Dada Purr_27 ,umeolewa lakini ?? jst asking.

Sasa hizo ngwati u get styles from there ama ? kuuliza tu o_O

Browser history once fucked me up.i always go incognito these days.imagine i had hooked my lappy to the projector for a major meeting in front of shareholders hata tom mshindi wa nation alikua, now kuenda kutype url the browser suggests xvideos…sijui oiled ass…i was very embarassed.



Kuja nikufanye hadi umwage dada. Orgasm ni guaranteed.

Staki kufanywa wewe nimeuliza swali…

On my previous mulika mwizi my aunt’s phone contact was exactly preceeding the girl i was doing contact yaani kufuatana kwa phonebook ( fuck hii english) so on this glorious afternoon we were sexchatting with my lass as i sipped my concortion and i composed the most nastiest and randy text i could write and on hitting sent i sent it to my aunt!!! Hata kutoa battery haikusaidia, kuirudisha i was greeted with “msg delivered” i one stroke i had ruined my afternoon steam ilishuka na handas ikaisha. We never talked about it with my aunt:mad:




:Dand whenever u met,ilikuwa aje??i can feel u dude…same case to me.lakini mine ::nilikuwa na MWK her name was jst next to my siz-inlaws contact…so nikampigia and u knu that kasound someone usually changes when u calling ua MWK…after kumsikizia ,heard that voice ain’t corresponding,counter checked the no. nikazima haraka sana.

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don worry utapata tu.:wink:

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:slight_smile: dating is fun…

hope it dsn’t make fun out-of-u…:mad:

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A classmate was showing the lecturer his work from his laptop, badala ya kufungua folder ya kazi alifungua ya ngwati by mistake. Lec alitoa harddrive yake akamwambia ngoja kwanza nichukue hizi ndio tuangalie kazi… Yet to get an embarrassing porn moment though


Relax buda. labda client pia ni mtu mangwati na kawasaki mbaya. You never know, labda in addition to buying equipment, he may contract you to be prochuaring ngwati for him:D:D

Had a situation where i was to help my uncle with some IT staff. So he hands me a flush disk to open some videos he wanted to show me. We go to his laptop and he tries to open the videos. He had not named them. The first video he opens is hardcore porn. He tries to close it but not working. Finally he closes it. I try to pretend i didn’t see it but he was very embarrassed. then he opens another. same thing! Finaly the third one opens a clean video. Just in time coz his wife was in the kitchen coming to the sitting room .

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