Has handshake brought any positive fruits?

Personally i feel like Uhuru 2nd term is worst compared to how first term. There is nothing substantial happening. The communication from govt is poorly coordinated unlike first time. He is absent from his work of following up on development projects… It seems RAT brought a radical change to his govt and for me… It seems wrong cos the govt seems in disarray now compared to 1st term

You mean looters are in disarray? That’s fine with peasants let them fall

You got a d!@%( shake from the lord of poverty, missery, diseases, and negative energy.
What good did you expect to bourne out of such a liason?:oops::wink:

Imagine two lords serving in the same gov… The lord of poverty and the lord of looting… You get a big shaft hole

1jigi got his billions back. Raila too didn’t walk away empty handed. There’s no way he would do that after police killed so many of his supporters

Uhuru is busy making Mullah for his family. Matiang’i is in charge. Na yeye bado anatengeneza pesa.

good point …everybody including MATIANG’i , RUTO , UHURU and RAO are minting money or keeping what they stole …

Yes, and you, me, and the rest of the +45 mil souls are doing what we always do, worship our fav thief.
Nuthing new…

Le’me ask another way: Has Chupilee Administration brought any positive changes since 2013?


Maybe that should be the question because we can tell who you want to blame for the answer here. :stuck_out_tongue:

You made your bed of thorns with the “tano tena” rhetoric. Now turn in it, enjoy the prickly loveliness!

Private sector credit grew by 4.9 percent in the 12 months to April, compared to 4.3 percent in March. Strong growth in credit to the private sector was observed in the following sectors: manufacturing (7.9 percent); trade (8.4 percent); finance and insurance (13.3 percent); and consumer durables (16.4 percent). Private sector credit growth is expected to continue to strengthen in the remainder of 2019. The banking sector remains stable and resilient.

So, The Handcheck’s been good so far?

THIS!!! He’s moved on.

Ni nini Ruto anataka fanyia Kenya in 2022 that hawezi ambia Uhuru wafanye saizi


labbish! private sector credit compared to Kibaki era is negligent.

"During Kibaki’s time, the private sector flourished with credit extended to households and firms growing at a jet-speed of 25 per cent, this compares to a slow growth of three per cent as at July 2018. "

President Uhuru's tax gamble that enraged Kenyans - The Standard


What went wrong?

Big 4 still remains a pipe dream

Very ambitious projects with zero returns.
He topped it off by signing the interest rates bill which was to hoodwink Kenyans thay they’ll get cheaper credit.
All along it was to crowd out the private sector so that his bank lends to his govt which makes them super profits
then pretend to bring in stawi to “save us” from bad credit.
stawi banks eat all the profits while cbk guarantees the losses.