Has babuon dumped kalooser?

In today’s Naswa presser, kamelon was missing in action replaced by Muthama. Now look at this advert released by ODM, its doesn’t mention kameleon anywhere.
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You’re reading into things too much. Usianze kuwa kama watu wa NASA to bite everything they see.


Hii election itafanyika kweli ?

He had gone to his Shamba, Thika -Garissa road. Nys

kura iko kwanza ata wangesema tupige kesho

Amerudi Congo kufanya ya @jumabekavu


What does someone who thinks ogling mannequins is a great idea know about politics?
Stick to your deranged fantasies.

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Ameenda Ukambani…House keeping issues

Kalooser has not been himself since that lie down comment. Then after elections, MDVD and Weta behaved in manner that he was not in their minds. They had already proclaimed to be the choosen ones for 2022 before Maraga cooled that talk down. Kaloozer look lonely, i dont know why


he has seen the light


Jubilidiots empty wishes. NASA iko imara.


@Atwoli kuna mtu anataka tako tena


He has to deal with the exit of Hassan Omar first.

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sasa umekuwa the high priest of what people in this village should stick to. U need to get laid asap

Am still fundraising to get enough to pay @Female Perspective, wanna chip in niweke paybill number?

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