Has anyone lived or driven in Kuwait? Ati they are not in the top 10 list Uongo Tupu!!!

So I looked at a certain website describing the countries most prone to accidents and with the highest fatalities. Namibia was number 1 amongst others, yet countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were nowhere on that least!! Uongo Tupu!!!
Thailand was somewhere like number 5 or something. Now I’ve been in Thailand, first of all during that Tsunami Relief effort that devastated Indonesia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka etc and especially Indonesia. We were given a portion of Air Strip to deploy our deployable communication kits in a Thai Military Airport in Utapao, and the Joint Task Force was between predominantly the US Marines and the US Airforce, and the platform C17 the main aircraft for thee formidable relief effort. That bought us about 6 weeks in there, and nobody wanted to leave at the end. The hotel was about 15 minutes from that Pattaya Walking Street and people familiar with the ongoings, lets put it as such; after being there for close to a week, you lose touch with the real world. Sure enough I saw one small accident or something the whole time. So we were there from Tail end of 2004 until about February 2005 Following the Tsunami(devastation where an earthquake struck in the Indian Ocean, and created a huge displacement of water from the shores oceanward, and effectively the sealine retreated by a couple hundred feet, but this was like the action of compressing a spring with extreme force, for when the waves came in to redress the imbalances some terrifying waves swept back with dangerously high crests and momentum to match. In 2016 I was there in Bangkok between February and June(Well for an advanced class for all the right intentions-but at the conclusion of class, and the fact we had no class instruction the last month let’s say, ummmmh I suspect my knowledge level retreated to an extent slightly behind that which I arrived with). Thailand siyo place ya kusoma!!! hahaha… In all that time cumulatively 5 to 6 months of living in Thailand I saw one minor accident, and another half way note worthy. OK Thailand is in top 10 though.
Let’‘s shift focus to Kuwait!!! My friends, I don’t know how many of you ever lived or visited and drove in Kuwait and Specifically before 2011. Let’ put it this way…and especially the 2008 to 2010 period, there were a lot of vehicles with a little too much extra horsepower to throw about, no traffic police patrols, and very few cameras. Raise your hands, the Octane Heads(kama wewe noi mtu wa the real pikipiki those 4 cylinder 2000cc caliber usijifiche you are ALL in that club). Kuwait are built fairly well, though some inner parts might struggle here and there. I believe they have running longitudinally numbered high ways 10 20 30 etc. with ; while latitude based concentric 7 concentric “ring roads”. It’s smart, you can get your way out of any fix direction wise,and 40 the main ones, since they get you into Kuwait City northbound before and further north is Southern Iraq, Going south, 30 merges into 40 and southbound towards North Saudi Arabia. High way speed limit 120 Clicks(roughtly 75MPH), cameras trip at 140 clicks (shy of 90 MPH). Typical average speed is give and take roughly 130 clicks, but that is FAR from the thresholds many people drive at.
They got the mot VOLATILE combination of factors as such; The MOST dangerous roads are the roads with the widest deviation of speed between the higher and lower threshold, if for no other reason, the wide speed adjustments one is forced to make crossing lanes. super slow indians and hyper fast Kuwaitis,generally above 150 clicks. Before 2010 before the the full impact of the 2008 crisis properly hit Kuwait, there was no shortage of horsepower and that is not a light statement. When you hit a highway called 25/Gulf Road parallel to the Gulf Sea, it was a who’s who exhibitions. At that time there was such an amount of Lamborghinis, and Ferrariis, that having a Vette ZR1, in its own right absolutely no joke for power and speed from the massive V8s, it was considered a perfunctory vehicle. Cars were so fast and powerful that, check this out; At the time I had one of those 2909 Subaru WRX STI hatchback (made 2008 to 2010) and was modified=> Rallispec Race Caliber long block, full Turbo XS exhaust, which reduced, High flow 900 cc fuel (injectors and rails vs stock 565cc), high performance fuel pump, the DOM 3 Turbo @550crank, 4Something wheel",turbo timer etc. The vehicle turned into a beast and I never finished tuning either, Stock if I remember correctly was 305 HP, Torque 295 ft.lb, Peak Torque at 4000 RPM. Modification drove the scale right to 550 RPM.
Generally as you increase Turbo output, the peak RPM or rather high end better for track; There is a trade off though-a daily driver would be better with lower turbo output, so that it "spools faster at lower RPM, a bullet! I appreciated just how lethal some models are for one time I went at if with a guy in an Audi RS4 with crazy HP more towards 600 HP, and High
torque(high too Torque or twisting force-which is what matters HP being a function of output at 5252RPM about territory the fun and games on the road. Kuwait is SIMPLY a MIRACLE in the making. Driving to work and back home on any 3 days, its almost NOT possible to fail to spot at least 1 wreck on the side of the road. Noteworthy , 90% accidents are single vehicles-poeple just drive off the road!. You have to drive VERY aggressively to protect yourself, meaning razor thin following distance, as swell as asserting driving. You will be SHOCKED to see somebody flashing you incessantly to get the f out of the way, to find its some cute Arabic Lady in Ninja outfit. Kuwait might b e the size of say Central or even smaller.
On highway 30 and 40, specifically Friday and Saturday evenings, it is IMPOSSIBLE to miss at least one wreck in progress both 2 and fro. When one accident happens, it often begets others. How? OK run into the center divider and somersault your vehicles about 6 times at anywhere from 180KPH, up to potentially 270KPH or more, if the car is powerful enough to reach high speeds without the need to go around bends, and of course whatever is under the hood, then the geniuses start FLYING on the emergency lane, and I mean at least 160KPH, and another not so apt genius, pulls into the emergency lane not realizing there is a 170KPH that would impinge on their car less than a second after getting in the lane and at that speed. I hadn’t witnessed too many fatal accidents right after or in progress, and have rarely seen the unlucky ones who didn’t. Seeing dead people on the side of the road, ejected and thrown maybe 50 Meters away from the wreck, especially Indian Pedestrians struck down , some 15 year old looking really like a 10 year old kid lying on the edge of the road on his back eyes halfway open,
The most serious accident I saw was EPIC!! I missed my stop to work, so I had to do a “around the track” to come back to the correct place. The correction took 5 to 7 minutes, then when I was 1 kilometer away,there were to many hazard light blinking and things were snail slow. when I got to the front, that was truly from a script straight out of Hollywood movie. Number 1. in a diagonal displacement about, all the way up to the back seat from the vehicle front, the SUV was FLAT, and the vehicles was on fire(The engine simply exploded!) not many people have seen an accident that the mangling blows it up. It was all FLAT and under the fron tire level, Ironically the front right tire remained standing and the mangled wreckage rose up to “half” of the tire height. You try to wonder ,I guess must be ca body or something around the car, but it looked like there was nothing as, as though the guy was pulverized, and the Chassis over him only rose up shy of 1 foot. I was to hear later, that they removed separate pieces of sstuff, nothing remotely looking like a human body.
The SUV was driving and at about 200KPH went into the emergency lane, and had handling issues coz he didn’t have a clear back into lane option coz a bus was right there. so it lost control and rammed underneath the bus and flattened.
One time on my way to work I was driving parallel to the gulf road and came upon a two vehicle wreck. One vehicle was horizontally planted on the center divider, and the second was behind it on on the far end curb my work place and told them I had run into some hold up, but I was just trying to be a combination of Inspectors Harris and Derrick as well as Sikujua and Mawazo… The front fender of the horizontally planted vehicle was at the far end curb infront of the horizontal car in the middle; Get this; the front fender of this horizontal is on that far end curb. Its hood was diagonally behind both the horizontal vehicle and the other car in the wreck which was facing normal forward direction, and the hood in fact was about 3 feet of the other curb(Opposite from the front bumper! I drove back and forth 30 minutes trying to recreate the accident and decisively failed!!!

Anyway…I 'have been to some of the countries in top 10 and there was nothing cloese to Kuwait. Kuwait police are jokers. So, Vehicle drives off the road on the right side. The net day a second car hit the first one and pushed it further in, and on the 4th day, a third vehicle struck the rear of tthe car there and they both pushed in kinda. Kuwait cops came to do clean up operations. You know what they did? They essentially proceeded with a fencing job that was in progress, and they FENCED IN all 3 cars!
Viva La Kuwait!!~!!!

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Kwanza hiyo part ya front fender of diagonally transverse vertically displaced and horizontally misaligned SUV.

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Two funny things I had forgotten; Ok so in a busy CBD called Al Manchar, lively Saturday afternoon, cars and pedestrians…so this vehicle knocked an Indian out COLD!! NOT DEAD but out of it… onlookers were busy taking pics instead of being good samaritans. One good samaritan stepped forward; he picked yp the guys sandals and came put them infront of the passed out Indian,…then disappeared!
Kuwait was so funny…so they got this news channel calle arabtimesonline…a section about CRIME:
You must pretty much consider it the comic section.

  1. So a Kuwaiti guy shows up in court; you know what had happened? This guy, and ironically not far from where the indian man got knocked out, this Kuwaiti meets meets a very beautiful lady and they talked. It turnout she needed a ride home, albeit, an unconventional one…So it is taboo to be alone out with a aman other than husband or family… so they lady played htat card and requested the keys, and that after she reaches home she will return the car…and off s she i irreversibly laft!!!

Another one a Kuwaiti Man a Indian man get into a spat in traffic, and both or them stepped out…subsequently the “Kuwaiti Man decided to teach an Egyptian Man a lesson by puniching him using a hammer on the head”…