Has anyone bought a router from AliExpress?

i wan’t to buy one that costs roughly 4k through M-post, watasema nilipe duty?

akuna duty

1.question mark
a punctuation mark (?) indicating a question.
used to express doubt or uncertainty about something.

  1. Negation in Swahili. Kuna becomes Hakuna. Not akuna. Hakuna. Other examples :Ina - Haina, Uta… - Hauta…

What do you mean by “akuna duty”
Ni swali ama statement? What does it even mean? That kuna duty? or Hakuna duty?

Good morning deputy principle

Ni ya nyumba? Mtu hawezi tembea tu kwa duka akanunua router? Ama unanunua bulk uuze?

Some people are in far flung areas. To be honest in the nearest town to where some people live you may not get wide range of routers to choose from or even get one. That’s why jumia aliexpress and other online shops are very useful.


Bought a wireless adaptor…no charges

There are many people who still do not know how to use routers normally and often ask questions like: why does it lag or turn off for a while. Many say it depends on the routers themselves. Better to buy a new one and not take a steam bath, but in fact this is not true. I have already changed 4 routers in my life and I still have problems with wifi. After a while, I began to look for a solution to this problem on various sites and forums. Very often I also got replies, but I did not give up and looked for more and more solutions to this problem. Now I know that thanks to special addresses for routers, you can improve your wifi! The most efficient router address I’ve seen was router login .

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this some months ago?!