Hardliner. martha karua...

calling for dialogue…

hii si tulichambua jana wadau?

Has anyone listened? She is still talking.

She is referring to when she was fighting for Kibaki, but Kibaki proved to be thankless by kicking her out and the way she had really fought his battles. I guess after fall out she became disillusioned

she walked out on her on voliation from the ministry of justice in the year 2009 she had obviously overestimated her influence

This is the best mama the nation can hope for. Iwould wish these two fuckers would be like her.

It has never been the same again

After listening to Karua, I fail to understand what the agenda for talks could be. I caught the interview at the tail end. I strongly believe that our national conversation should be at the ballot box. Are we saying that voting for a president has failed?

it is in the constitution that we should always distort facts to suit our narrative(s).

This is true

for her? Yes. She signed her political death certificate

Let me bang Martha and be call be called a m**thafucka once and for good.

huyu feminazi angekuwa president mpoa sanaaa

let’s have a threesome. no homo. :D:D

In a way I feel like she should have joined Jubilee and accepted a CS position. Some areas do need people like her.

This is the time for anyone who once was mighty to try and claim the spotlight for themselves. Call it the last hurray. Heck, everything else she’s tried has failed.

Sisi watu wa Kirinyeger hatukubaliani nawe. Tulichagua mwis wa nys birrions

Martha Karua is a perfect example of how ungrateful politicians are. She gave her all and was later ignored.
It also highlights her nature as unforgiving and non adopting to change.

She has ego issues