Hard to Ignore when Bloomberg reports USD 1.3 billion.........

Bloomberg has reported that a single tweet from Kylie has caused Snapchat’s market value to drop by USD 1.3 B
Wah, It seems these socialites wield a lot of power.

Who is she? What was said to cause such a loss.

This is the tweet


OK, still don’t her, I don’t follow celebrity world. Will it also be a surprise that I also don’t know what Snapchat is?

That’s bullshit. It’s quite annoying when a respected publication like Bloomberg starts engaging in the kind of nonsense you expect from TMZ.

:D:D:D… I also don’t follow these celebrities but it seems in they are huge influencers in the social media space. Just imagine a seemingly harmless tweet causes a company to lose more than 7% of its market value. This will surely lead to huge contracts for the celebrities.

The business side concerns them


I don’t understand why they give these empty headed celebrities so much power. But if I was an investor I’d be buying snapchat stock like crazy, because this is a temporary thing. I like the way Mark Zuckerberg has been able to defy the naysayers. There have been so many “Teens are fleeing Facebook because their parents are now on it” articles designed to show how uncool the social media giant has become, but FB has been going strong. Plus he’s managed to stay ahead by purchasing Whatsapp, Instagram, Oculus etc

If the market value can be deflated that easily, it was inflated in the first place.

Now that’s power if a single tweet can destroy so much wealth. She must be very popular woman.

It’s not that teens are fleeing FB. They are just not signing up in the first place because they’d rather be on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. …according to reports.

Instagram niliingia after getting like 3000 requests. It was pure kusafisha macho, manyake all sizes throughout. If i was to scroll there i needed to find a private space. I deleted account and left. I fear for my children future. Instagram is a competition of who has the biggest behind.

Ukiingia late night Twitter, utalia.

A member of the Kardashian/Jenner whore family.

Kwanza huyo mama yao malaya mkubwa zaidi.

Despite all those doomsday reports, FB stock has maintained a generally upward trajectory, which proves my point that teens are not as important as these tech publications paint them to be.
They’re good when you’re starting out, they create lots of hype for your product, but they’re just not dependable. They can flee your site the same way they flocked there, just coz some bimbo tweeted something. Seriously, who wants such fickle customers?
The social media giant has also kept growing, despite these teens keeping away. The precious North America market has gone flat, but overall it is still growing.
Plus, there was a time when teens were very important, especially when the smartphone craze was starting. They would rush to buy the latest smartphone, and with it install the latest app. Now everyone has a smartphone, plus the app market is saturated. How many social media sites is one going to join before they realize they’re all different versions of the same thing?

[SIZE=4]That’s how the business world works . It’s all in the numbers .[/SIZE]
Don’t hate the player , hate the game

Now imagine what happens when Babuon swears himself in, pulls out of elections, calls for a run off and sings that kimeibiwo kirudio August 2018… each and every day.

Not forgetting that money is being lost due to corruption in the counties and National government as we speak.

I don’t think she took the stock down out of the blues.The new snapchat layout has really angered it’s users,and in response the company just said users should get used to it,Kylie brought out the issue and confirmed it hence the stock price drop.

And facebook has survived because it has become business friendly in advertising otherwise it could have gone the my space way,also it was the first major social media so it has a large number and only has to crystallize its brand position and also target the older generation,it is now a social media for old and less tech savvy people but that target market is still good for gaining revenue.facebook also owns instagram etc so their revenue base is still good

hehehehe, wewe husaidiki @spear . But don’t worry. It’s nothing important