Hard To Be Humble. Unapologetically Jaluo.

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Long time

(Whatever that means)

why would Panerai wrap your watch in a box like that?No certs … and the blue sticker on the clasp…o_Oo_Oo_O hii umenunua as a copy from china but hey,cool watch ma nig

Btw mshainotice hawa watu huvaa wrist watches for show hawajui kuzisoma. Ebu walk around and randomly ask them whats the time is. Utaona akistrugle ama atoe simu aangalie ama akupee ikiwa na error ya ±5 mins

It screams fake

Inaonekana Una penda zenye zime tairiwa?

you are a connoisseur too i see

Omera i don’t guess!!..

Ujaluo ni gharama. :D:D

@luoamerican . Regular non insured mail on a panerai watch. Looks like you are stretching truths here!!!

Humans are funny. When the digital watch was invented it was the cool thing, this was for peasants but now coz productivity made digital watches cheap, this is the status symbol? A fool is as a fool does

Hehee si hii ni picha Passo mzima jameni ama prombox Ya 2008[ATTACH=full]131653[/ATTACH]


these watches better be able to tell me the time i’m going to die to the last second

What’s good girl…how was your day

lets talk about your watch first.

how much did it cost?

Relatively expensive, you like it?

you can be that dude for a day as well:D:D:D:D:D