Harambee Stars

good game, its long since we played this well, am proud. congo 1 kenya 1. ref was biased.

All we ever do is lose, i lost hope a long time ago.

this time we drew, away, and we were good

Gor Mahia should the National team

Poor passes, poor ball control, losing possession easily, school boy errors by defenders especially the one that led to the penalty and a goal keeper caught many times out of position. The result was a draw since the Congo team wasn’t any better. The coach has lots of work to do.

Being a Harambee Stars fan is so fucking depressing. But sadly as a soccer fan & a patriotic Kenyan I have no choice but to nyenyekea.

The last time we made it to the AFCON finals was waaay back in 2004. I remember rushing home from school just to watch Kanoute’s Mali DFHKM us 3-1. The mistakes were painfully similar to what @Mathice has pointed out above. Don’t we ever learn? Four days later, El Hadji Diouf’s Senegal (fresh off a 2002 World Cup Quarter Final) anally raped us 3-0 within the first 30 mins. I did not even finish watching that game.

Still, we hope for better days for the Stars. As patriotic Kenyans, we have no choice.

PS: I once had a crazy dream that we actually qualified for the World Cup. Yaaay! And then the draw was held. We had been drawn in the same group as Argentina, South Korea & The Netherlands. That dream ended mara that that coz it instantly became a nightmare.

I tend to think that our footballing fortunes might change rapidly & significantly if Nyamweya & the cronies around him are cleared completely from all management. This new management might also benefit if it got some help from a much bigger & influential office eg State House especially during this transition period from the old rot to new prosperity. It’s one of the reasons why I voted for Peter Kenneth in 2013.

I’m not sure it was the same match I watched. All I saw is 22 men on a pitch, kicking around a ball in a game that looked kind of similar to football, but I dont know what that game is called

Do not be flattered. Gor cannot even beat other African clubs in CAF champions league.

I wonder how teams like DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Cape Verde and Togo perform better than Kenya in international matches.

If you watched the game and if you know what a good football game is, then you shouldn’t be asking that, it was really painful to watch. In this day and age, I don’t expect national team players who kick the ball wherever the stomach is facing.


You reap what you sow ,thats what u get for not investing in soccer no clear philosopy or structure from the grassroot to the top, which leads to technically inferior players i bet any of the germany/spain u19 teams would whoop h stars ile mbaya, & with fck!n nyamweya on the helm we aint going nowhere

I agree with you…But my point was they are currently better than our National team.

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Your dreams are valid!

we have improved, at least we had several shots on target, we took an early lead away, the team selection was good no more entitlement. no oliech, no jamal sijui lavatsa. i saw positives

Kenya was wasteful infront of goal but a point is not a bad result considering we were playing away. Zambia will be a tougher opponent come september

Who puts the fckin nyamweyas of this world in office? I am sure he did not grab the seat via a military coup

it still baffles me how & i bet he will get re elected again & again

He has ‘bought out’ majority of the delegates in the grassroots and these delegates continue to vote for him blindly partly because of ‘goodies’ they keep receiving so as to keep the gravy train flowing.

This is one of the reasons why Blatter had to go. Yes, he did a lot for Africa but his administration was very lax with African officials when it came to auditing how FIFA funds disbursed were being utilised. Now you understand partly why African officials overwhelmingly voted for him. They are using those resources to corruptly entrench themselves in power.

This is why I am suggesting that football management in Kenya might need a complete overhaul from the top to the grassroots WITH some help from a big office like State House coz the corruption there is quite endemic.

Next elections, try and vote for a prezo who is pro-football.

…aye, hata sepp is considering reelection lol. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/33126284