Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all Kenyans in the US, Canada, the US Virgin Islands and in all other territories a very happy Thanksgiving![ATTACH=full]140673[/ATTACH]

Sawa. Na ututumie ujumbe jamhuri day pia.

Question: List down all national holidays in Kenya.


Munchy wewe!

Did she just speak a kiswahili word? :eek::eek:

Sawa boss

including siku za erections?

Sisi hapana tambua thanks giving chieth!!

We only tambua black Friday
Because of this

Canada already celebrated their Thanksgiving on October 9.

Happy T-giving! :smiley:

Hey you. Cum for Vodka laced with strawberries!

let me look for a jug.

omwami hizi ziko wapi nataka kununua ta 10k hoping hazi expire


mkisii naomba nikunyonye tail bone


Figsed :D:D:D

Ulianza kuongea sheng lini? :smiley:


Jumia from today midnight