Happy Mothers' Day

For displaying increased levels of umama this year,I want to be the first to wish that mungich wannabe @uwesmake a happy mothers’ day.

And to the real blood and sweat mothers in this village,may the day bring out the joy of motherhood. Nyinyi ni wetu.

cc: @Female Perspective @Guru @Mrs4thletter @Supu don @purity @Akeelah @Horus @Ebonycurves (utazaa lini) and all the others that I have not mentioned.


allow me to enjoin myself to this goodwill message by presenting this bouquet of tulips…


na sasa?

Asandeni sana!

Karibu mama…

Aaaii! Hulali? Ama uko in a different time zone?

Moms are sacred, don’t spoil their day by tagging this thug on such a respectable thread.

Na tamani hiyo coomer ni ifungulie sherehe za leo…

Breastfeeding #motherhood tings

Kujia aki!

Ulikuwa Kiza. We know these things!

Utafanya Mnubi atoroke one week.
A happy Mothers’ Day to the mothers.


A happy Mothers’ Day all the mothers.
Asante kwa kazi njema!

Some nice work you’re doing there…

Thanks all. Nothing beats motherhood

Happy Mothers day to all moms in the kijiji @its le scumbag usitag io ghaidi kwa thread respectful ka ii

Happy mothers day to all the ladies there who have had their legs soiled by bursting of their amniotic fluid during child delivery

thank you very much. nothing beats motherhood…