Happy Mashujaa Day Kenyans

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and dialogue is imminent for the betterment of this countries economy…i have figured out nitashinda nkisema uthamakistan na mimi ni shida tu naendelea kukula due to this volatile state that mujaruo has brought us…DIALOGUE FOR THE POOR…wakae shini marie hamwe bururi uthii na mbere

Ona maaria RWNBP

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ni vile hawa watu wamezidi:D:D:D

Let’s forget politics for one day only. Let’s celebrate our mashujaa. Mimi leo ni kazi tu. I woke up early and surprised everyone with full breakfast. Saa hii I’m teaching my kids kuchinja mbuzi and pass the mantle to them. Once the liver gets roasted then a double whisky will do.

Some people will be celebrating death of their people in a quest to score points politically.

look whos calling the kettle black…wewe unapiga hapa debe since 16th of march 2016 the day you joined alafu unasema tuwache??pliiizzzzzzz…ile siku utaweka hekaya ama uwashie sisi jing cheng pale sex and relationship ndo naweza skiza wewe.for the mean time tuletee maendeleo ya turkana na lodwar na mahali tarmac imefika ndio jioni niende nichimbe niweke kwa sahani nipatie watoto wangu.

On a light note please.


let me bark nkichoka i will log out

Sawa you enjoy your day.[ATTACH=full]133659[/ATTACH]


Very sad, they think a revolution entails stone throwing rather than the mind. Happy Mashujaa day Sir.

Pewa bag mbili ya pure shash from Ethiopia on my bill, umeongea kama mkenya Lakini @123tokambio Wanasija

Angalia hiyo jina. Na anaitwa njeru

Happy, happy Mashujaa day, we as the taxpayers are heavy weight on our own merits. We build this nation in our small ways

hahhahhaha…am damned…i had forgotten today is a public holiday…jesu…i think am a shujaa… and wishing you all a good one…

@spear …man you have made me homesick…lovely one dr

a happy mashujaa day to you all

Naona wakora wamekuja kujiredeem.