Happy bday to me

[ATTACH=full]333792[/ATTACH]Keep bringing the snacks… the best present ever… [ATTACH=full]333794[/ATTACH]

Happiest earth day amosadeh

Happy bday mkundu

Don’t buy pre-rolls.
The shit in there is nasty most of the time.
Buy a bag, roll your own stuff.

More life!!!


Thank you for the advice

Still won’t spoil my day!

Happy birthday dude

Awww… Thank you .

Weka filter Kwa kiombitho. Lungs zitakauka

[QUOTE=“Rodger Smith, post: 2994019, member: 75190”]
Weka filter Kwa kiombitho. Lungs zitakauka
Filter itamaliza the ingredient banae[/QUOTE]

Vile umeambiwa avoid pre rolls kabisa. Hizi pre-rolls mara mingi they lace them with small quantities other drugs to make you feel extra good and keep going back…kidogo unajipata wewe ni hard core drug addict.

Wahhh serious? That’s insane… santeee for acknowledging

You must have been dealing with quacks in the past it seems:D:D:D

Happy birthday you wanker

Una celebrate birthday kwani wewe ni mtoto. Meffi


Bytha ndiyo nini jinga hii?

Naishi maisha yangu… kaa yako ni ya kuosha choo uko kariobangi its not my fault.

Bytha ni zile ndevu zinakuanga kwa matako