Hapo zama za kale...

@admin once enjoyed monologues…then one man named @bei turned it into a dialogue. But pia aliingia chini ya maji… And the rest as ‘they’ say is history. Now the baggah sits quietly sipping mojito, ignoring our requests/demands to changes here n there… When was ‘it’ last online?[ATTACH=full]10908[/ATTACH]

What if @admin = @bei?

:D:D:D mwanzilishi wa multi handles… could be…

I like that part ya ignoring our requests. Kwanza,hizi error zimekuwa nyingi sana bwana, @admin
It is frustrating kujaribu kupost something unaambiwa error sijui gateway sijui nini…

He was a shemale too. Alikuwa anajiita @caitlin

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aha! the ‘amazing woman’

I do two comments and get logged out trying to post the third one and this can go on all day, severely affecting my contribution.

Hehehehe… On requests though gani umesema n got ignored? Some requests require testing before they are implemented

you have been rationed out…

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What the ferk for?
Hiyo lazima ni kazi ya Deorro.

I agree

Wacha kujitetea. Changing the water mark to transparent tumeimba mara ngapi? Hadi imekuwa hit song. And Kwani posting such a response (yours) Ni ngumu aje. A simple “your request is being handled” from @admin is all that’s required. Instead alienda chini ya maji.


we are in the era of service charters…give us a timeline…