To all ye wankers,absentees,baba mkate,single fathers,divorcees, i-think-i-have-a-kid-out-there,sponsors,supporters,are-you-sure-it’s-mine?, and soon to be dads.Job well done

Happy fathers day.

Ti hi hi

Kwani ni leo.I need to father now.Any pinkie interested

@Okwonkwo happy Father’s day love.

Can singo moms celebrate too. cus they double up father and mother.

you must drag them in?

Sasa mwalim. Hilo ni swali muhimu.

Niaje mwalim. Hilo ni swali muhimu kabisa.

Happy Father’s Day.
Shida zenu na raha zenu zote zilitoka hapa…


Happy Father’ s day


Happy birthday to you too

:D:D kwani io meaow imeita Omosh midget?


Happy Father’s Day Gents…


Wenye bado tuko freelance…


Mekanika weka lokeshen tuchome iguku na swine…

Baba mkate ndio nani? Mtu anichanue priss!

kama wewe ni wakuona mtoto when it’s convenient to you since you don’t live with the mother na kazi nikulipa fees na kutuma pesa ya chakula,you are officially a baba mkate.kids need their fathers

Sande sana sweetie. How about some father’s day hardcore sex ?