Hapa unakulana ama unakuliwo?


Umbwa ghasia takataka chieth maduong thread.


Dykes be trying too hard…wtf?

Trannychieth za uwes


Mali ya ktalk downtown granny fuckers

Someone please, eyewash.

At this rate, we (Villagers) will become blind.

Fck the heck

admin please tusaidie. we dont deserve this

this is gaaaaaaaaay…

@administrator when will you stop fingering your butt and do your job for once?What in the flying fcuk is this?


‘dykes’ really negroe or you are just throwing words around…

all I see are fat ugly fags fed on double dogs, cheese pizzas & tripple patty burgers like @Bottoms and @Kahuni Maisha

How can I unsee this tucker tucker

These gey tree carriers are on estrogen hormone therapy…that explains their man boobs.
Death penalty to the villager who posted this nunsenz…he should be killed

niaje kivisy ya njogu~ini

Fiti mbwa koko