Hapa nikutumia own saliva

This govt isn’t lubricating our arseholes before penetration. Tutafirwa mpaka lini?
[SIZE=6]Treasury has borrowed a record Sh430 billion in four months[/SIZE]

The Government borrowed Sh430.6 billion in four months, further sinking the country into debt. The latest borrowing has pushed the debt level significantly past Sh4 trillion, a new record for the country. A report by the National Treasury to Parliament indicates that the latest borrowing was done between the month of February and June this year, months before the country entered the electioneering period. The report contains a total of 29 loans, mostly bilateral and multilateral, that the Government says will be used to finance development projects in various parts of the country.

Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/2001254481/treasury-has-borrowed-a-record-sh430-billion-in-four-months

As a matter of fact, borrowing to invest in infrastructural development is not bad. What’s bad is diverting the funds to some people’s pockets.[ATTACH=full]125864[/ATTACH]


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Arent we borrowing beyond our capabilities? Tutalipa na nini? or is it to ensure that the next govt will just be spending on repayments.

What are these guys doing with all that borrowed money?

Following …

What layman expects is to see roads and all physical goods but sometimes a country has two elections in a year then there’s some monetary policies that keep our currency stable, keeps inflation in check, recurring expenditure etc etc…

the rest i will let Jubilee Sycophants carry on…


…and economic uncertainty caused by a man’s greed for power and pessimists looking for bad news to spread…yes, i am a proud sycophant!


Sometimes nini???ati 2 elections??

Lemme help you out…

Sometimes NYS happens

Sometimes Afya house

Sometimes Goldenberg

Sometimes Mwea irrigation happens.

Just wondering, dos UK make full disclosure to potentials lenders before he receives the loan? hii ni three much.

which is the case in most times. wizi ikipunguzwa they can even borrow the whole budget funding n no one will feel dryfried without saliva.

Whats happening here? I can see people complaining are the usual sycophants. I thought there is nothing bad with this country?

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to lubricate the Economy?.long live the largest economy in east africa