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Go big or die trying


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A 37-year-old man was forced to sign an agreement taking responsibility for a pastor’s wife after villagers in Lurambi’s Murumba village in Kakamega ambushed the two at the preacher’s house.


Pastor Harrison Olumbe( in a black robe) is said to have been notified of the unusual night presence of the man in his house prompting a response by villagers.

“I intervened to rescue him from the villagers who were beating him up. It is unacceptable in our tradition to share another man’s wife,” Olumbe, a preacher with the Africa Divine Church, said on Tuesday.

Olumbe said he opted to cede claim over the woman to the man whom he said was known to the family.

“He is not a stranger to me,” Olumbe, who cut short his trip to attend a funeral in the neighboring village, said.

The man was forced to sign a written commitment taking the woman as his wife before the two left the preacher’s home on a Honda motorcycle.




Pastor Olumbe Surrenders His Wife to a 47-Year-Old Man Who Was Caught in Bed with His Wife as He Was Preaching at a Funeral

The pastor, Harrison Olumbe, claimed he received a message from his son stating that his wife was at home but not alone.

“Kijana yangu alikuwa ameenda matanga ya shemeji yake aliyekufa Ingotse. Tulipopata huyu kijana alijaribu kutoroka, lakini tukamshika na tukamfunga kwa miti ili watu wasimuulize,” the pastor’s father revealed.


In a dramatic turn of events, Olumbe decided to take a unique approach to address the betrayal. Instead of opting for legal action or a more conventional confrontation, he made the unconventional decision to surrender his wife to the man with whom she was allegedly cheating.


Justifying his decision with his interpretation of scripture and a commitment to fidelity, Olumbe believed it would be better for the two involved parties to live together and have a happy life.

“I informed my wife that I was going to offer spiritual support to one of my members who was bereaved but I received the shocking news that my wife had called a man and was cheating on me in my house,” said Olumbe.

“I was further informed that the two had a good time in my bed before they were ambushed by my brother’s two sons who heard a love-making noise emanating from my bedroom. My wife refused to open the door prompting the two to call for more people to help.”

“The Bible forbids adultery and I have taken a final decision that I will no longer live with this woman and wholeheartedly I am handing her over to the man because it seems the two are in love and it will be better if they live together and have a happy life,” said Olumbe.

“I know God will give me another good wife because I did not marry a wife to share with men but rather to be faithful and fully committed to me only. I therefore hand over her to her beloved man and order that she take all of her belongings and accompany the lover of her life.”

The 47-year-old man claimed that the pastor’s wife used to be his friend, and they had a past where she had undergone an abortion to terminate their pregnancy.

“Huyu msichana alikuwa rafiki yangu, sasa aliniita akaniambia bwana yake ameetoka, nikaenda kwake. Bahati mbaya tukapatikana na majirani, lakini alikuwa na mimba yangu akatoa. Alikuwa ni bibi yangu, lakini tuliachana,” the man explained.

After the incident, the man was tied to a tree like a cow overnight by neighbors who caught them. The parties later decided to draft a reconciliation agreement.

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****Very interesting !****:point_down:t6:

I have often said if you find a Nigerian that’s good be grateful to God:sweat_smile:


Former Super Eagles and Chelsea midfielder, John Mikel Obi has shared his views on how African families exploit successful members of their family.

Obi who was the African footballer of the year 2023 said this during an interview on ‘Vibes With Five’ organized by Rio Ferdinand.

John Mikel Obi said, “You get threatened by your own blood, your own. When you come from Africa, and this is something I don’t think we speak a lot about, when you make money, it’s not your money.

You have all these relatives, cousins, whatever you call it. Yeah. You know, and your sisters, they go off and they get married to some guy who just wants to get married to John Obi Mikel’s family, because my life is sorted. And then you start looking after this guy.

“Before you know it, you’re looking at them. They keep having so many kids and so many kids, and you look at it, okay, you’re having this many kids, who’s going to look after them? It’s you.

“For them, you owe them that. So, sometimes you have to be strong and say, you know what, guys, enough is enough, I don’t care. They give you this thing whereby, if you don’t do it, we’re going to go to the press. Oh, wow. After all, I’ve done for you guys. But this happens a lot.

In Africa, I’m telling you, not everybody comes out and speaks about it because we’re thinking, how are we going to talk about this?”
```John Obi Mikel




“If you are dealing with a handsome guy under 30, prepare to share,” a man called Wilberforce Rotich says, claims many good-looking men rarely keep one woman.

“Few handsome men keep one woman, and they are those that are disciplined and fear God. These really handsome guys know they are fine. Ladies always tell them they are handsome. They can get ladies without using money because of their looks."

“If he is handsome and is under 30, give him time to grow. Otherwise, he will break your heart. You can get testimonies from the elder sisters,” Rotich claimed.

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In Life What Goes Around Comes Around:

You left your husband because he was cheating.

You have a kid or two.

So you divorced because you were so pained.

You left.

With the kids.

You started working hard to cater to your needs. You work so hard, but it isn’t enough.

To meet up with the growing economic demands, you find a wealthy man. He is rich. You don’t care. You need to pay fees for your kids as a strong, independent woman. You need to prove that it can be done. So you’re dating a wealthy married man.

You are now a side chic.

Then, you begin to think of the side chics your husband has and why he has them.

You do not even question the morality. You begin to understand why. Maybe they’ve got kids too. Mouths to feed, life to live.

It doesn’t make sense still.

So you call the married man when he is home, and he hides to shout at you for wanting to disturb his peace with his “wife” as you ought to know when he is home.

You think of your hurts.

You think of your consolation.

At least you had a husband who was fully yours. He cheats, but he is fully yours.

So you attempt to find out what is going on with him now, but he is married again to a younger woman.

After you make contact, he comes to visit you and the kids. He drops some money once in a while. The new wife is in charge now…

You connect on old times. You even had sex.

He leaves to his house to his wife. You’re now dating two married men. Both of them are cheating on their wives.

And then you say life wasn’t fair to you.

As bad as this may sound, it happens. It is the reality of our time.

Wise people learn from the mistakes of others.

Don’t leave ur peaceful abode (marriage) because he cheats.

It rains everywhere!


She wants it, just lay there…make her do all the work

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Sometimes “you gotta do what you gotta do”… If we judged people on character instead of physical attractiveness, she would be the most beautiful person in the world.