Hapa ni wapi?



parking lot

I don’t know but whoever came up with the phrase ‘well manicured lawns’ must have been a frequent visitor to the location above.

parking lot

This is my old school, Kapsabet Boys High School.

kabarak high school

Nairobi sch


But a school non the less

looks like Baraton university


Looks like Moi’s

Sunshine secondary school.

All Mois schools look the same. Unaweza ongeza hapo Sacho.

Halafu hiyo 747 has a meaning to me! U missed one digit to get my admission No. ya KB.
Ulipatana na Concrete? :smiley:

sunshine high school gashwin ( i know this is your other attack handle. mimi sio mjinga :D)

Let me guess your admission number: 7747.

I hate those ugly crooked small pane windows:mad:

Am sure they don’t give a fuck you hate them or not :D:D

There is a dormitory known as Kibiegen.