Hannibal The Series, Dexter and Harper's Island

I wonder if non stop exposure to these series leads to like transference and the desire to act out? The striking imagery joh, I think it kinda changes you

Maybe Hannibal … His cooking is oddly mesmerizing although I’m not sure if it makes me want to cook a human. It kinda reminds me how much I wanted to start smoking after watching Mad Men. Aaaaaaaand I kind of have an old-man crush on Laurence Fishburne so my vote for Hannibal as a series is solid :D:D:D:D

Dexter only makes me want to book a holiday in Florida. The scenery looks very sunny and relaxing and the nightlife is pretty lively. The first season was kind of interesting but they dropped the ball after that. Plus, that nonsense with him and his adopted sister possibly having a sexual attraction …eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew


Just started Hannibal on episode 2…Dexter I quit playing catch up

I was almost sold to the dark passenger alter ego BS. There’s cases IRL that happened btw. Hannibal and Will are still my staple.

@Web Dev I think their mistake was that they tried waaaaaaaay too hard to develop his humane side that they forgot that he’s supposed to be a killer. I signed up to watch a serial killer, not some Hawaai-shirt-wearin’ guy trynna be sensitive!

Plus, I’m sorry to say this but that guy has ZERO range as an actor! He just isn’t believable. Not as a cold killer, a stepfather, husband, boyfriend, brother or even as a father when his own son actually comes along. He’s just meh!

Hannibal was serious season 3 itakuwa na theme gani

Imekam faggot, uko nyuma kama hio mkundu yako. Will didn’t die and Hannibal fled to Venice.

I wonder when ile scene ya Hannibal kushikwa in the Red Dragon venye itatokelezea…and who will play Clarice Sterling

Yap hannibal leaves me feeling dark, cold and calculating almost feel I can do some serious harm ! True detectives was also an awesome series on depraved minds

Ati kuna sn 3 Hannibal. …uku nyahururu bado

True detective season two has surprised me its not like season 1 and the season 1 cast are all gone.NKT.

go take a pee pee and get to bed sir


Those guys discrediting “Dexter”, it is still the best series I have ever watched. And yes, movies kind of change us, after watching it to Season 8 my wife says there was a time I was attempting to walk with his gait.

What???jaribu The Wire

MUNDU = Dexter