Demise of the handshake = Death of BBY.

Just what Kenya need now

They were the same civil servants who were fronting for Mudavadi to takeover from Kibaki .

Orengo is making too much unnecessary noise on behalf of Raila because he’s fighting for his political life… :D:D

[I]In Siaya, Raila is torn between supporting his key strategist, Senator James Orengo, for the gubernatorial seat or Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi to replace governor Cornel Rasanga who is serving his second and last term.

Orengo, who is Senate Minority Leader and a fervent Raila supporter, has pulled MPs Elisha Odhiambo (Gem), Otiende Amollo (Rarieda), Christine Ombaka (woman rep), and Sam Atandi (Alego Usonga) to his side.

Wandayi last week hosted Raila at his home during the launch of Sh45 million Kenya Medical Training College campus in Ugunja where he and Rasanga reached out to ‘Baba’ for the backing.[/I]

Anyone who follows Kenyan politics closely certainly has a low IQ

RAO didn’t know about an old adage that says only a dead mungiki is harmless even after 100s of innocent Luos lives have been lost in the hands of meat eaters. it is terrible he should quit politics and Luos should cut all links with mungiki community they are bloody and shameless period.

This is insensitive and really, unacceptable

For the first time I agree with you.

So unataka tufuate politics za Somalia sio

This is in bad taste brother.I am kikuyu and I have no problem with my luo brothers.Some are my business patners and customers.Only Raila and Uhuru have a problem.Let them square it out themselves without involving the rest of us who were living peacefully even before the handshake.We also agree that anybody who destroys property belonging to anybody for whatever reason should be treated as a criminal and either shot dead or spend a loooong time in jail.

These people are just fooling ignorant Kenyans.

At Independence colonialists had already put a set of people they are ready to leave Government to. Kenyatta was amongstbthem following contacts when he was in jail.

In 1978 the Njonjo camp had their Man who would take over. The Kihika Kimani cabals also had theirs but little civil service support.

In 2002, Kibaki who had been used by Moi to split opposition in 1992 was acceptable and same with UK the son of the Burning spear.

In 2013 the deep state candidate was UK. Mudavadi was meant to disorganize and divide the Opposition. Mukhisa had been told by Kibaki to support Mudavadi. A clever ruse. You remember even Jimmy Kibaki came out in support of UK and Ruto with simama Kenya rallies.

On authority of several insiders evenbth cash for the campaigns was from deep state. You remember how the colourless washiali was used to snatch UDF from Mudavadi as it was being prepared for Merger with Jubilee. Kioni was also very easily accepted back into the fold as compared to Karua and Peter Kenneth who are still howling in the political wilderness.

Also note that in 2013 the deep state destroyed ODM and the Pentagon and Raila was left alone. Most were removed using cash and threats of prosecution for corruption.

Even now the deepstate has its candidates who will prevail. The hand of deepstate was evident in Matungu and Kabuchai where Ruto and Tinga were finished.

The BBI cash people are crying about is what they hoped to use to build political support for 2022. Now the Baba Niwachie alliance are the ones enjoying.

UK should give me CAS interior I help kibicho to finish these ODM crooks. I will also loot a share of the 2B that is lost daily.

Man is telling the truth. Civil servants are not supposes to politic.Who elected them…

They are the only ones with focus, discipline and know-how to make some of these schemes work. Mwanasiasa akipewa hell za BBI anaenda kula na warembo. Kama Mimi nikishika naja London kukuona twende tukafanye shopping Clarks Kisha tuoshe macho pale Saville Row na Harrods.

ODM were using the money for 2022 campaigns and personal problems. They are crying over money. If it is Secretariat they can form one at Orange house.

ODM tickets go to the highest bidder. Raila should join hustler movement, juu ni hustler mmoja mkali sana.

Hii ni tanga tanga all over again. Shadow boxing kando kando instead of boxing the real puppeteer.
Kwani the people around the president can act without the president’s authority? You think they are sneaking behind the president’s back?

Rao being shafted right left while the kite is written PHD’s name

I am a civil servant and no one politiks in the office. When we are entering an election mode it is called Purdah. We work for the govt of the day. Anyways Kuja twende shopping before I resume job. Clarks is closing shops among other retail shops so you best send me a link nI one the shoe you want so bad.

Leave Kenya Politics to them? :smiley:


I much prefer reading thoughts pen put to paper not GIFS and quotes. Nuff sed.


[li][ATTACH=full]353170[/ATTACH][/li][li][SIZE=7]MP Kositany Mocks ODM After Orengo Ouburst[/SIZE][/li]

[li]The Member of Parliament for Soy, Caleb Kositany, threw a jibe at the ODM party over its anticipated fallout with Jubilee party, led by President Uhuru Kenyatta.[/li]“Do not take us back to the battle streets. If you feel that something has not gone right, do not mourn more than the Bereaved,” said Kositany who appeared to mock ODM brigade.
"Do not feel that you have been betrayed by Jubilee more than us who voted for Jubilee, " added Kositany.
The MP urged the two parties stick to peaceful negotiations for the sake of the country’s peace come 2022 general elections.

"The handshake was done in silence, even the parting, if it is there, should be done in silence, " Kositany said.
In a rather painful jibe, Kositany told ODM that should it need guidance on how to deal with betrayal, they should not hesitate to look for Deputy President William Ruto for advice. The MP stated that they were ready and willing to hand ODM ‘the manual’ on how to handle betrayal.