Handshake Effects Wearing Off Fast

When you see NASA (ODM) going to the media to call for probes and inquests into Cambridge Analytics, you know that JaKuon’s proxy-network has been activated to ‘destroy from within’, a pattern we have observed since KANU kopreson/merger '97, Kibaki Tosha '02, Nusu Mkate 2007, CORD, NASA, NRM…


but where are the flower girls and most of the cheering squad???

I will say it again; that was a dangerous, nay dumb thing Uhuru did by forgiving JaKuon. That Tinga guy has an ace up his sleeve. Let’s hope Uhuru has 3 of them.

I don’t think Uhuru is that stupid, remember they were together when RAT broke KANU apart and again in the early days of ODM soon after defeating Kibaki in the 2005 referendum. It’s foolhardy to think Uhuru doesn’t know the man and his politics.
As it stands now, Uhuru has ceded nothing since the handshake yet NASA only exists by name now.

This time seems like he is on his own with a small group of sycophants since being smoked out by that handshake.


IMHO, it’s naivety, not stupidity.

Uhuru had no business invoking childhood sentiments after JaKuon had directly caused the deaths of more than 300 Kenyans. The voters had expressed their choice twice in a year where we WASTED 40 billion or more on elections.

UK ought to have put this decision to the public whose support he so openly solicited during the grueling campaigns, not ambushed us on a Friday morning with a clumsy JaKuon reading a prepared, non-committal speech.

Soon, JaKuon will present his list of demands. OR…Uhuru will reveal his promises to his ‘brother’.

He forgave him for what?..

I’ve realised this handshake deflated the energy of so many keyboard warriors both here and on twitter. Something to spark online confrontation is looked for with a fine tooth comb

Exactly, the handshake deal was RAT full surrender for his own reasons. Jubilee didn’t offer anything of power, just a nondescript steering committee on reconciliation and development. RAT is not in government but promised to support its development agenda. He only got back his security, no offices, no titles and no influence in government.

Tinga ako sawa Deni ya wanjigi ililipwa ni uhunye 5B pap… Flower girls can go to hell…

What is Uhuru going to do if JaKuon begins imputing huge unwritten promises into this deal, the way he did with Kibaki citing a ‘secret MOU’ nobody has ever seen?

The word is ‘inflated’, otherwise you’d not be having this thread to comment on.

Personally, I find that handshake an affront to democracy worldwide. If you were truthful, you would too because you too have no clue about what was agreed upon and what it will eventually cost.

Already, the rifts in NASA promise another 5 years of senseless politicking. Generali Bakuli is planning to return on 26/3, thanks to ODM friendly judges and lawyers, to what?

You were NASA Damu, do no abandon ship now.

We let him whin and rant all he wants. That handshake was at best a seize fire and promise to consider a place for Winnie in the future. This is why RAT is still retired in Kerarapon as he dismantles the opposition so that his dear daughter will take over. Meanwhile government continues to work as usual. I repeat the vague one page document only says RAT will support government development projects. He got nothing on power. No offices and no title. Even now he awaits state house to decide how that steering committee will be formed, its members, its role, where it will be based and its operations. With the current constitution the Presidency can only form an ad hoc committee with cosmetic power. It will be more of a PR excise than anything else. Worst thing for him is that government can decide to include other members whom he doesn’t like anymore such as wets to the committee. Either way he has no way of rocking government boat from this position.

Knock yourself out.

Absolutely!! Ukiona thread za JaKuon, ruka.

Bw. Mkuki,

I know you’re the resident optimist and hope you’re right.

Resident optimist (insert green emojis)

Lakini people need to start forgetting (the handshake) and start interrogating why RAT surrendered like that. What was his main reason to surrender? What other reasons also contributed to it. He went into this at his lowest, with no burgeoning chip and took little offered for a handshake.

Bro, according to him (in typical indiscretion!) ‘secret’ talks had been going on for close to a month. Do not assume it’s surrender until UK reveals the contents.

As of now, I see beginnings of typical JaKuonist undermine-by-proxy. How else do you explain 2-3 articles per day about Cambridge Analytica, and ODM megaphones calling for a probe?


There was nothing like “secret talks” their were two talks. DP Uncle Ruto at his VP official residence with wets, madvd and watermelon. President Uhuru and RAT though most of this was on phone. It was divide and conquer. Jubilee made sure everyone knew of the talks to make them more jittery and more desperate. RAT signed his surrender deal a few hours before the rest did.

Anyway nothing remains a secret for long. Soon the public will know the main reason why RAT surrendered quickly and gave up everything. Those closest to him know why and that’s why they haven’t spoken against him or it.

The articles from the media is expected from githeri media. They haven’t yet accepted the surrender order.