hakuna kitu mbaya kama kurudi kijiji. your brain goes flat


maisha ni ngumu, but if he can look after six kids, he must be doing ok - lakini the more time you are out of a job after graduating the harder it becomes to get one, 10+ years ni mob, might have reset all the educational skill set he had attained in college.

tufanye diplomas and blue collar certs. maybe he should open his own fish farm seeing he’s in agri business… if he can get the right funding and support.
it is sad to see value go to waste.

If you are from a humble background in the villages and you did not qualify to join one of the ‘hot’ courses, go and do a course that guarantees employment(if you qualify for one). The only courses that guarantees employment in Kenya come what may are education courses. Do Education arts or sciences, you will be employed within maximum 5 years with a net of over 50K. You can do other things later when you settle. I have advised many that way, and it was the best thing for them.

Hii mambo ya kuona county procurement officer amepata pesa nyingi haraka halafu everybody want to do procurement management is nonsense

you have a great point, some of the courses i hear people doing and i wonder how even the COMMISSION FOR UNIVERSITY EDUCATION allows such shit to be studied in under-graduate, seriously a 4year course in procurement management ??

Such stuff should only be post-graduate studies,

Do some research before jumping into a course, an example there is no organisation that will hire entry level positions for “procurement work”, these jobs are mostly given as promotions to experienced staff… wewe unakaa hapo kukuwa procurement manager wa county…utaozea kijijini…

It has been the hottest thing in the last few years. Eti procurement people have a lot of money sababu ya corruption. Every university has been offerring it. They dont dare call it purchasing and supplies, they give it that big name. Wengine call it procurement and contract management

Darwin kill them
Watu ka wote wako na digiri

My siz wanted to study that, kwanza nilipata amechocha mzae na hiyo talk ya vile procurement staff wako na pesa,
ile lecture niliwapatia they filled new application forms

you can’t blame them, very few guys at kcse level were taught career choices ,it was all to pass exams to get a jab slot regardless of the course especially if you came from a humble background, jab was the only savior.Tembea banking halls, most tellers have very weird courses but at least they’re earning a living.


I believe his belief is his undoing. There is a saying in my native dialect that the jembe never lies. Jamaa akubali kuwa mkulima with his skill na atainuka. After being phenomenal an NGO or local institution is bound to absorb him as a tutor coz of the prowess exhibited.

Poverty is in the mind.
You go breeding like rats, you are not only condemning yourself to poverty, but also your offspring.

Birth one or two children and all of a sudden you find yourself with disposable income.

Let the guy accept the reality of life and venture into fiashara.

I find people with many children who they cannot provide for extremely selfish.

I can relate to this.

Its God who provides…ukikufa watoto bado watakula washibe

This guy is an expert in agribusiness and he’s still looking for a job?? Msheenzi! Entrepreneurship is a skill like any other and it can be learned! Huyu jamaa angekua focused on building a business in his line of expertise sahii angekua ameaccumulate skills (done his proverbial 1000 hours. Sahii angekua maybe not a birrionare, but he’d be feeding and educating his six kids bila hustle and he won’t be subjecting himself to this kind of indignity.

it’s 10,000 hours and there is nothing proverbial about it. You become an expert when you do anything for 10,000 hours. THat includes wanking, watching porn, or any skill you pick to focus on. You have about 150,000 hours of working life in you. that means you can acquire about 5 skills in life and earn form them. Time is literally money

He doesn’t deserve those papers …with such a degree all he needs is a flower pot to make money ! siezi mpea kazi huyu