haki usiwahi sema "hakuna pesa"

ladies and mafisi,introducing,the next level piece of technology by a name "
[SIZE=6]Luvaglio[/SIZE]"!!!1 whats so unique about it…NOTHING… actually,i promise you that you will require a hard disk since the laptop comes with 128gb internal hard disk…

To own this great piece, you will require to deposit 1m$ with us.yeeeeeees....1m$ for  the laptop.....Ngai ,si wanaume mko na pesa.

mimi nikilia hapa ati htc ya 25k ni expensive,mwanaume anatumia househelp 9,000…na anaongezea 60k kwa side plan atafute simu ya maaana…[ATTACH=full]41634[/ATTACH]


what is unique about it

This guy is going mad.



problem na ku pre order stuff ni ikikuwa flop uko screwed better ungoje actual reviews zitoke ndo uweke pesa chini

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Vipi Chokoraa?

Hio sentence inasound female sana

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ooh crap! not another peasant thread

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One is classified as a bisch kama hauna pesa. Huwezi ongea mbele ya wanaume

Kuna bisch(read women) wana pesa though.

Such women behave just like tree holders. Don’t go very far… just check at how dominating wealthy women around you are

A classic example of “Mwanaume Binti”. umama sana

once in a while,you have to think the real defention of the a word “man”…a human like goes to a shop to buy a laptop worth 90mksh

What a waste of money since the technology inside has been made obsolete by portable gadgets. You should only buy if it can also play vinyl records and dub cassettes.:wink:

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“monkey see monkey do” motto sana

This sounds like the name of a product bought from Lubao market, Kakamega. @uwesmake can relate.

School motto ndio inanijazz tu sana

School motto ndio inanijazz tu sana

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Yea nothing else interesting here… Nothaaaaang.