Hahahha....After kukamuliwa sasa pumzikeni.

After watu washakamuliwa proper for 4 straight years paying loans of up to 150%, serikali imeamua kuingilia kati…lol.


Siku hizi you barely analyze, mkubwa

Someone said the Kenyarras want to move into mobile banking platforms, they just want to eliminate cash flow to existing suppliers.

He can’t ,he’s too busy celebrating the hand cheque and BBI

Yeah. Naona kimeeleweka

Sikuizi I’m focused on telling people not to make the mistake of voting in Jubilee in 2022. That’s the best economic advice I can give you. The second best advice is try investing in Zambian government bonds.

He doesn’t have to, he is the political arm of the family, the business arm is too busy.

Very true, business arm walijipanga kitambo!
They are using the political arm to sort out that nuisance of a constitution that prevents us from going back to a dictatorship under the one party parliamentary system.

Si umetuambia that mambo ni BBI na dynasties?
All we have to do is review the economy of the Moi error tujue hiyo BBI Ni shetani!:smiley:

Feudal political system all over again

Hiyo hatutakubali!

The working class only cares for the next meal, the middle class is drunk on bad credit and the ruling class are consolidating power.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the SGR :smiley:

Utashangaa when the working poor show dynasties the middle finger! :smiley:

Working poor hawawezani… hao ndio wamejaziwa mapocho pocho kwa BBI, pawns and fodder in the game…

Hii yote ni biashara, it is a matter of making money, the world is dynamic and technology is coming like nobody’s business. We must move with it. This is the world that we dream of. #SleepyDrunkard

Tutatangatanga kabla kieleweke

You’re very right. In 2022 I am anti Ruto.


How can we invest huko. I hear Zambia ni Chinese oversee province.

Those loans were shylocking the citizens