Had Nokia Embraced Android Back In 2010, It Would Be Ahead Of Samsung

Nokia made a series of blunders a decade ago when it failed to read the signs of the times. Symbian OS had reached its climax and Google’s Android was becoming popular by the day due to the prolification of touch screens. Later they chose Windows OS that is when Nokia made huge loses and almost died.

After being acquired by HMD they finally accepted Android and of late they are churning out very cool devices.

Nokia hasn’t made a decent device. Their phones are overpriced, pricewise compared to It’s peers. It’s selling point is timely security updates and software upgrades, but so are several phones doing the same.

naona ni kama walitaka kuunda walled garden kama ua ios na macos lakini sasa windows phone na windows pc

I blame Microsoft for Nokia’s failure. Back then Windows Phone had a very bright future, but Microsoft’s control over the OS undermined its adoption among OEMs. Windows OS was more refined, but imagine using a phone without Instagram, Youtube, only had crappy Whatsap (as far as I can remember, didn’t have the phone). I wish Windows Phone took off

Nokia’s head became to big there was alot of infighting between departments and alot of arrogance small decisions took ages to make waiting for execs who were on vacation to come a sign documents and such shit , same thing happened to sony with the revolution of the LCD screens .

It’s called disruptive tech.

Majuto mjukuu huja nyumaye

Nokia made a blunder that we will wait for age to see samsung and apple make for ages. Move with the flow. Ata kama you’ll face lawsuits for IP infringement

nakumbuka nilinunua ile Symbian ya 48,000 chuma , si ile flappable. selling point ilikuwa hio camera noma .


Nokia was trapped by a reliance on its unwieldy operating system called Symbian. While Symbian had given Nokia an early advantage, it was a device-centric system in what was becoming a platform- and application-centric world. To make matters worse, Symbian exacerbated delays in new phone launches as whole new sets of code had to be developed and tested for each phone model.
By 2009, Nokia was using 57 different and incompatible versions of its operating system.

I read somewhere Nokia eventually made it open source.

I found a wired article on it from 2010. By this point ios na android ilishavuma

Nobody can accurately predict the future.

That is why it is always good to not put all your eggs in one basket. If someone had suggested they make different devices running on symbian, windows and android to just test the waters they’d have incurred lesser losses and they’d have fared much better by studying the sales