Hacks chini ya maji

go here…
create acount
download the android app
as usual ensure your android foe is rooted
from here ensure your simcard is billa credo and data and is set to 3g(wcdma)

Browse like a rockstar!


mnety sare??

as usual ikae chini ya maji otherwise safcom na wenzake watatafuta mbinu za kuifunga
fyi haiwork vizuri na airtel

salama mkubwa am on it

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Ubaya some guys will turn it to a biz

yeah thats what makes us kenyans…biz kama kawa

Asante. It’s throttled for free user’s. 64kbit/s. This like unliminet. Got a max of 80KBps on try before you buy unlimited. Also tethering doesn’t work. PC version haven’t tested. Too slow for my enjoyment. LOL you still have to pay for bandwidth. Skipped.

its 1 dolla per month and 2 dollers per 3 months… quite reasonable as compared to current situation i supose

Voucher Carnets

hauja login…thats when you will see the mobile package



Does it work on pc?

what happens if one has airtime on their sim like someone on postpaid?

Test and tell us.

i asked because i dont want to be a statistic

@Inerd we ni mjinga sana. Everything was fine only those who could find it for themselves deserve it alafu wewe unafikiri you are the only Kenyan who could find it; and go on to post it to everyone. Now it’s back to ground zero because you and your big mouth couldn’t hold it together. I even had to register just to tell you how ** you are. Pull this shit down. nkt!

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someone who couldn’t find it will go on use 20 gig and get all of us the fuck arrested. nkt

aiii mboss cheza chini… moto kibaooo

@highschooler, there is stupidity and then there is getting yourself and others who played it safe arrested. I mean what does one gain from parading stupidity. We had even forgotten the price of bundles, then here comes this guy/girl thinks she smart as fuck and everyone should know it. The other day we had bundles mwitu guys getting arrested and someone cannot even think