Hackers' advice required...

Any software/app out there that can be used to bomb a mail server or a specific individual’s company email address.
I think its the best anonymous revenge that i can exert.
cc: @Deorro @snapdragon @highschooler

Tried using Black viper email bomber and Mail Bomber by Kanzit (Had set up a virtual machine and installed SurfEasyVPN; just incase) but it failed to deliver.

Unless ni email ya company yako. Akina Gmail i think have limit on how you send email ili wa prevent spamming

yeah hizi mail servers za hizi big companies ni ngumu… lakini kama ni za institutions ivi unaweza…

maeby you can start by creating denial of service (DoS) conditions against your e-mail software and even your network and Internet connection by taking up a large amount of bandwidth and, you require large amounts of storage space

Walk away. Hiyo chuki itakukula na ndani. Deep breath, exhale kisha jishughulishe na vitu zinamatter maishani.


true just walk away…why do you want to do that anyway?

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Am on a revenge mission. That’s what matters to me at this moment.

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Actually, while using gmail with the software i was able to test it on my yahoo/gmail/outlook and i was able to send 50 useless mails to myself. Tested in on a friend’s company mail but it wasn’t delivered. What could be the problem there?

You are a man, if you got a problem with someone in the said company face him na kama unawesa nyorosha yeye achane na kampuni ya wenyewe or you will end up facing @Atwoli’s brother huko kamiti

Now that is complicated and requires alot of funds. Was looking for a simple automated mailer that would keep the “boss” occupied with useless mails everyday till i decide to stop.

I decided not to hack the company. I want to disrupt the specific “boss”. If i decide to nyorosha him si sasa ndio ntaenda kamiti vizuri coz of the hard evidence?

Maybe hiyo mail haiko in operation ama their spam system iko tigh

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kama ni gmail itakukalia chapati kiplani

Sasa nimekuelewa

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hit the sh*t-head where it hurts!Go man Go!

Thanks Ktalker, but unfortunately am still working on it. Work in progress

Itabidi nisake plan B

Set a BOT and DDoS the bug. It deserves it

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Excatly BOT needed

Ok. But how do i do that. Just give me the directions and i will walk the way…