habari zenu wana Nairobbery

hi guys…1st things 1st…am not missing nairobi at all…am now an official resident of Naivasha town…my latest friend is viwandani ward MCA called hon.Eunice…a friendly young lady.i leave 100 meters from my office,parking fee,80bob, food (pilau nyama) ni 80shs…i live in a kamsall village in a 3 bedroom house paying 11500kshs.

Haki Nairobi is a grave yard for treasure,its either you are burying for others to find or you are digging the one buried by other creatures.I thank God for bringing me here.am living like a king and am enjoying life,imagine no jam,no pollution,people are super friendly,life is very affordable,loving and ready to assist…

 i thank those villagers who encouraged me to come over here..

lastly,disadvantage of Naivasha is that we have dudes who slaughter donkeys and we have issue with water…our water contain fluoride…that means we buy water from supermarkets and other outlet’s…am home…away from home

yours ,
wonderful wondering wonder

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Have you made attempts ti enquire about the source of that “nyama”?

Picha boss ya Eunice,house,parking or Palau


Pilau punda ni 80 kshs?


Are you staying alone? if so and you have a fridge, I would recommend you buy nyama for the whole week during the weekend visits to the family in the capital

haha eti pilau punda

all the best…but uchunge sana. Apart from the punda, Naivasha is notorious for other weird behaviours.

hiyo ya fluoride lazima maji upate supermarket, lakini ten liters go for about 180 shillings na it lasts for some time not to mention the diseases you avoid

Wacha jamma aendelee kujibamba na mapunda.By the time you leave there your appetite for beef and other meats will be gone forever.

Umepatana na @ol monk ama bado?

How is the crime situation over there? Congrats on finding a little heaven for yourself

Naivasha is overrated

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Wacha jamaa ajibambe na punda, ni herbivore tu kama mbuzi na ngombe na zebra.

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Lakini usipeleke animal husbandry huko

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Three bedroom unafanyia nini and you are alone?

Hiyo ni ya mto…not distilled water

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There it is: We know you miss Nairobi very much despite its Craziness. Naivasha, if you drive around it, it will only take you 10 minutes or so. Its dusty and windy…and boringly uneventful. If you bang a Poko, you are likely to meet her on the streets the following day(akitafuta maji)…na anaweza kukusalimia: “Habari Customer? Leo itakuaje??”:smiley:
I used to live in Nax for about 5 years i would really miss Nairobi and its beautiful girls;)


Enjoy Naivasha … :stuck_out_tongue:

I once lived outside Nairobi (Nyeri), so i get you…Walking to work in the morning , visiting:cool: " to go is to see"
and hanging out with the who is in who in town at posh places

Men!! do i miss thse days


I miss Nakuru life sometimes. Hii Nairobi!

Wasted my precious bundles nikidhani nitaona mbicha ya quails za naivasha ,pepo punda wewe.