Habari syenyu....while i was away

Habari my people @imei2012 has been away attending to duty calls and travelling in and about meeting new friends and acquitances on coming back kuna over 100 new threads…i dont know where to start but in a nut shell

  1. Gunners have started the league on a high note trashing chelsea in the ceremonial community shield, had it not been for chealsea goalie wangepigwa tatu and mind you Aleki hakucheza
  2. Concerning that dude who wanted to join the forces as a cadet here you go
    Gso cadets train for basic military training for six months and proceed for a degree in military science for three years they graduate as 2nd lieutenant with an average pay of roughly over 88k
    Specialist train for four months and are posted to their respective work stations
    Applying for cadet is open and free to qualified kenyans however a final shortlist of 2500 candidates are invited to attend a pre qualification exercise at KMA nakuru from which a final list of roughly 200 commence training. Many factors are considered including quotas, marginalisation, gender, etc
    The views expressed here are solely of this author and do not reflect the positon of the kdf
  3. Finally there seems to be a shift in balance of power in females hapa kwa kijiji…
    More details to follow

kuna mchamaa alikusaka hapa sunday eti ana habari moto moto za usalama wa kitaifa anataka kupatia jeshi…

Quiet a good analyis…swali nyeti ni…Je umetuletea nini kutoka safari yako?

Hehe int inapewa Nsis through the local administration yaani chief etc ama report to police station

Welcome back and please take time to read these threads and their ensuing comments. I guarantee that you will be thoroughly entertained and informed. Talkers in this village are one intelligent lot.


Hehe ingokho ilikam but wachamaa walishambulia

`Habari syenyu’, hiyo Salamu huwa siipendi, it reminds me of a chic I would rather forget.

Karibu sana boss, kijiji tumeishikilia vizuri

Fafanua na uweke mbichao_O

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Hat hujawai leta hekaya …today might be your day :cool::cool:


Kuna msee hajaambiwa poa hapa:D:D:D

What you mean, am always putting hekayas here like the recent one of a chic who removed her thong and gave it to me in a pub.

Hapo mimi sioni kitu mbaya and in any case I always have a soft spot for @Purr_27 ;):wink:

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Awww now

Now I have a soft spot for you :):slight_smile:

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Si shida yetu kama unataka kumsahau. Si sisi tulikupeleka kwake…ni mboo yako buda.